25 August 2011

Legs. In pain.

I spent some more time in hospital this week. Not on the ward, just in emergency and the dermatology clinic yesterday and today.

The pain in my skin, particularly on my legs, was too sore to bear earlier in the week. The pain pounded from the inside out, it hurt to take each step. It hurt to sleep under the blankets. Taking off my stockings left long, bloody cuts on my legs.

 It hurts and I wish it would stop.

Thanks to my wonderful Mum and her friend for driving from Albury to take me to hospital yesterday. And thanks for making me laugh. And buying an impressive meal from the cafeteria :) Love you both ♥ 

Now I have to rest with my legs bandaged and elevated. In front of the TV (hello Rush!). 

Here are my legs that I bandaged last night. The attractiveness is jealousy inducing, I know.
I hate the unpredictability of it all. Why can’t my skin condition come with a fun sort of spontaneity? Like last minute road trips or a picnic or free tickets to the concert you thought had sold out?


  1. I think you're amazing, Carly... I wish a miracle cure could be found tomorrow for you. I hope that the pain eases soon and you can keep getting on with your life..

    I hope you have lots of old Rush episodes saved up!

  2. So totally sexy. Like my pelvis holding together support wear - the sexy just bowls people over.

    Sending love your way and hoping things heal up faster than usual. xxx

  3. Your title drew me in. I'm sitting here tapping away at the keyboard with my own legs in pain. I have varicose veins and have stood for way too long today. I should be on the couch with my legs elevated on pillows, but the bloggy world is just too tempting. I'll rest them tomorrow.
    I hope your legs are much better soon.

  4. Oh Carly, have been in Sydney all day - got your Facebook message (I'm a shocker with Facebook) - thinking of you xx

  5. Oh Carly, that looks really painful. Sending feel better vibes. You deserve at least a complimentary cake every time this happens to you. Take care.

  6. So sad to hear this Carly - hope you heal faster than you expect! xx

  7. I hope you're a bit better by now, Carly! We're due for another catch up soon. Lots to catch up on! I hope you got in some great Rush viewing due to this not so fun mandatory rest period! Lots of love,
    Heidi xo

  8. Hi Carly,
    I hope watching Rush is distracting you at least a little bit.

  9. Sorry to hear you were back in hospital. I hope your legs get better soon.

    I saw an ad for the new season of Rush last night and it reminded me of you! :)


  10. Get well soon Carly. I am also on crutches, due to Plantar Fasciitis. Very pain, and looks like I am out of action for 2 weeks.

    Perhaps we OMAHS end of Sept of early Oct. I have also tweeted this and cc Nathalie Brown @EasyPeasyKids who met you at the Blogger event.

    Take care. Speak soon.


  11. I agree why couldn't feeling crap or in pain come from a great night out with friends, a spontaneous picnic on a roof top, or a day spent looking for the perfect shoes, rather than your taking off stockings, or in my case getting out of bed. Boo Hiss stupid illnesses. I do hope you get some relief soon. :)

  12. Boo hunny - sorry to hear that you are in pain but hope that the boys in RUSH turn their spunk on big time so as to distract and entertain you. Thinking of you xx


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