17 October 2010

Power shopping with Sydney Shop Girl

I met the wonderful Sydney Shop Girl (SSG) today! She was in Melbourne and we spent four hours together. I can confirm she is every bit as nice and beautiful in person as she is on her blog.

We crammed a lot in. But unfortunately we didn't get a photo of us together :(

First stop after I picked her up from her hotel was Fraus Crepery and Chocolat in North Melbourne. I take all visitors there.

SSG and I ordered the obligatory hot chocolates. She had tiramisu and I had the classic (I never deviate).

There was major food envy on my part when we ordered different brunches. While I had a delicious crepe called Salmon and Goat (a crepe topped with salmon and eggs and filled with avocado and goats cheese) SSG had an oozy, melty three cheese crepe with a side salad of roquette, muscatels and walnuts. Both were delicious but I seriously wanted to eat all of hers!
Salmon and goat crepe
My hot choc and SSG's three cheese crepe with salad

We chatted. It was so wonderful to have got on so well after 'meeting' via blogging earlier this year. She is very wise. And stylish.

The next stop was two boutique stores on Victoria Street - Kids in Berlin and Call Me Madam. I love these stores because they stock local designer jewellery and clothing which is high quality and relatively unique. SSG loved these stores for the same reason - she found some beautiful necklaces there that were so different to chain store buys.

There were two things I saw and fell in love with, and had to buy. As I once said to my Mum in a store, 'my life will change when I buy these things'. I bought a Dick and Dora brooch set - catching butterflies - and a Lavallier porcelain bangle. I love the floral detail on the bangle and have since seen a brooch in the same print which I may just have to buy!
Dick and Dora brooch set. It's adorable!

Lavallier bangle, worn on my left arm.
For its true beauty (and mine too!) you need to see it in real life.

After shopping up a weather warning in Victoria Street, we headed to a mall where we power shopped for one hour. I found a nightie to wear as a dress come the warmer weather (fingers crossed I'm brave enough to do so!) and a necklace at Sussan, and a pair of foldable ballet flats and a clutch bag from Target to take to a ball I'm going to in two weeks time.
The nightie-dress. I loved the print!

My clutch - stylish AND big enough to hold everything I need!
Who would have thought it's from Target?!

Ballet flats. Can I just wear these all night at the ball!?!

Last stop was Wild Jam in Flemington which is the sister store of Call Me Madam. I love buying cards and gifts at Wild Jam. SSG stocked up on chunky necklaces and I bought two cards.
Cards - I recently bought a friend the rainbow girl card,
and when I gave it to her, she was wearing the same colours as rainbow girl!

The retail therapy and time with SSG was definitely what I needed - I feel 200% happier than yesterday. SSG imparted some wisdom. Retail therapy puts things in perspective.

Sydney Shop Girl certainly lived up to her moniker - she has endurance to shop - and I am very happy she agrees that a Melbourne shopping experience exceeds a Sydney one! It was so much fun meeting her.

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  1. Carly
    It was lovely to meet you.

    We both did good in the shopping stakes.

    Take care and we have to do it again soon,

    SSG xxx

  2. how lovely- sounds like a really fun day x

  3. This is a lovely post about two of my favourite bloggers! How perfectly splendid! xx

  4. glad to hear you had such a super day

  5. I'm so glad you two got to meet eachother and do a little shopping and eating.

  6. HI 
    Sounds like you had a very nice time together...
    Great photos as well...

    Hope everything is oki...

    Have a great day - SP

  7. sounds like a lovely day, and some quality purchases! How nice you two girls got together xx

  8. Just found your blog! I also live in Melbourne but originally from the UK and only been living here since May. I too used to work for a children's playscheme called CHIPS in Hertfordshire, funny?!

    With love from your 190th follower XX

  9. So pleased you had a lovely day Carly with SSG... how delish were those hot chocs? S-E

  10. Yay! I'm so glad to read that you have had a fun day out and a break from the blues! I hope there are many more days like this coming up for you in the near future (although, I'm pretty behind, they could be in the next post! :P) xxoo

  11. omg that crepe looks so delicious! *drool* haha
    thanks for the sweet comments carly :)

    x amie


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