07 October 2010

All the things I've done

I have been away, doing stuff. Here's a look at what's been happening in my life lately.

Filming an educational DVD

The lovely crew at Grit Media asked me to 'act' in an educational DVD about different forms of abuse. It was filmed at my place last Friday. It will be out in December.

I prepared by reading a script.
I was mic-ed up and eating lunch. The sound guy said he heard me chewing from the other room.

The boys were crammed into my living room shooting my piece.

The iPad clapper board app. Coolest app ever.

Big thanks to Jordan Prosser and friends for a fun shoot!

Cousin Rachel's visit

My lovely English cousin Rachel came to stay on Sunday. I picked her up from the airport and we had a nice roadtrip to my parents' house in the country. The weather was mostly perfect during our stay. Blue skies and warm days.

Rachel is incredibly funny, and so nice. We got along very well.

We fed Cutlet the lamb.
He is nine weeks now, and very cute and silly.

Aside from drinking milk, he likes eating trees and snow peas and gambolling. He does this funny side kick run thing which is very cute.

We saw touristy things.
The Murray River/Hume Dam

Ettamogah Pub
We went to Milawa Cheese Factory.
We sampled heaps of cheese.

Milawa cheese bag.
Goat's cheese camenbert, Milawa white and King River Gold

Our picnic lunch - cheese, salami, fig roll and crusty bread.
I bought lovely toys from Beechworth.

These say it all about my love for housework.

Funny cards

A beautiful plate from Beechworth pottery store.

A super cute pendant made of leather, silver and jade.
It has so much detail - this photo does not do it justice
We saw Sarah Blasko in Albury. Before the show, there was a massive downpour, apparently a flash flood, and Rachel and I got soaked! We spent a long time drying ourselves under the hand dryers in the ladies'. I was standing against the dryer with my dress up, willing it to dry!

We were very close to the stage - in the second row. I only got two photos of the show - security were strict.
Sarah wore an interesting dress. She was very funny on stage,

I got the setlist! My concert challenge.
My highlight was Flame Trees. It was haunting. Best cover ever. This tour will be the last time she plays it too.
The support act was called Seja.
Seja are a three piece from Brisbane. They were fantastic. A bit electronic, a bit rock, a bit softly female.

Cousin Rachel kindly bought me the Seja CD. Can't wait to listen to it.

I am not very familiar with all of Sarah Blasko's songs but seeing her live made me appreciate her songwriting and extensive vocal skills. She's pretty amazing!

Other things that happened:
  • I got my airconditioner in my car re-gassed. A life saver for summer
  • I met one of my blog readers, Anni Sugar, at her place of work.
  • I watched merely an hour of TV which was really nice.
  • I drank a lot of wine.
  • We ate great food!

Today we dropped Rachel off at the Albury airport and two exciting things happened.

I got randomly swabbed for explosives when I visited the departure lounge, even though I wasn't travelling on a plane. I found this exciting as Albury airport has recently increased its security to capital city proportions. Albury airport, how you've grown up~

I also saw the head of my organisation. The Commissioner. He remembered me from the events we have both been at. We had a nice chat. Good to see him!

It was a lovely few days away. I loved spending time with Mum and Dad, and getting to know Rachel better. Lots of laughs were had by all.
Mum and I near the Hume Weir

Tomorrow I head off on another trip for the weekend. More to come when I return.

I have missed blogging!


  1. I love your little purchases. They are very sweet. Ah Sarah Blasko - I've seen her live with Bell Shakespeare (Hamlet) and in Newcastle. Good work on getting the set list! :) Looks like things are very bright and positive for you xxxx

  2. wow that ipad app is so cool, i had to do a double take after reading what it really was!

  3. Love the iPad clapper.

    Glad to know you're well!

    Take care and see you in.... 10 days!

    SSG xxx

  4. Hey Cutlet! Or is it CUTElet? ;)

    Excellent post, so many delicious tidbits to enjoy! It's like dining on appetizers, which of course in my book, is the very best dinner ever!

  5. Hi!

    Just clicked through to your blog after you commented on mine, and turns out we have a lot in common... My parents live near Beechworth, Dad works in Milawa, and they have lambs (also called called strange names - chop, shanks, roast...) at the moment too!

    Great blog!

  6. Ah, too cool! Love the little lamb named Cutlet! And cheese, oooh, I love it! Great little blog here, happy to be your newest follower!

  7. Thanks everyone :) And welcome and thank you to my new followers.


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