03 May 2016

Our wedding day: the video.

Carly Findlay with parents on wedding day.

A few weeks before the wedding, I realised I wanted a videographer. Friends suggested I ask a blogger who enjoys making videos, and I did! I put a call out in a bloggers group, saying I haven't got a huge budget but willing to pay, and promote them on my blog and socials. I added that it could also be a great opportunity for them to develop skills.

The amazing Clare Reilly from The Life of Clare Blog nominated herself, showing me some of the little videos she's taken recently. I loved them and she's a great friend so I gave her the opportunity! Initially she wanted to do the videography as a gift and I thanked her but insisted we pay her. She refused. Eventually I (and her husband) convinced her to take up Adam and my offer of paying for her to stay in a lovely Air BNB for the night.

I'm so glad Clare offered to film our wedding. She did a great job, and it was lovely having her there too. I think she learnt a lot from our professional photographers too.

Here's the beautiful Clare, camera in hand. Photo by Fresh Photography.

Clare Reilly looking so beautiful
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Clare said:

"I was so happy to be involved. Up until Carly saying yes to my offer I had only ever filmed videos on my iPhone, so I wanted to get good quickly before filming the wedding.
The day was beautiful to be a part of but it was long and stressful (I wasn't too stressed!). I used my limited experience to try to get different shots throughout the day and was more interested in getting real candid moments instead of posed shots.
When it came to the editing I had a really hard time until we found the music policy section on YouTube. Then I was able to edit with confidence.
I learnt that I love making videos, I love sharing beautiful moments in that way."

I love the details in the video - they bring back wonderful memories. I have a few favourite moments - Mum putting my cream on (no one sees that, and it takes me back to childhood), my Dad seeing me for the first time, Adam coming down the aisle (I was waiting to see his grand arrival), us being silly, and all our friends dancing. The music Clare used featured in our ceremony and reception. Perfect.

Here it is!

I've watched it five times now, and I've cried each time! Thanks for doing a fabulous job, Clare!

And sorry this is the only photo of us - taken by Jarrod. I'm sure Clare has the selfie!

Carly Findlay and Clare Reilly taking a selfie at Carly and Adam's wedding

I strongly encourage you to ask people if they are interested in collaborating with you, and putting your hand up to do something, even if you've just dabbled in it. Asking Clare to do the video got me thinking about the shared economy - trading skills and talents fairly - but that's a blog for another time...

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  1. Hunter and I just watched! Just fantastic! We liked your Mum putting your cream on too.

  2. Such a beautiful day Carly, and I can't believe that was Clare's first time filming a wedding like this, it's better than many professional ones I've seen - she has talent I am envious of!
    You and Adam look so happy on your special day, so heartwarming and made me tear up!

  3. Carly, you have an absolutely beautiful smile, which really shows up in the video. Congratulations to you both!

  4. A cute video and wonderful memory of your wedding. Well done Clare!


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