13 May 2016

Ichthyosis Awareness: using Moo Goo cream to de-scale my scalp.

I'm a pretty private person when it comes to the actual maintenance of my skin. Not many see me washing my face or the scattering of skin flakes that cover every surface I touch. You might have noticed from photos that my scalp gets flaky, and my hair is pretty short. I wrote about my wish for long hair here, if you're interested. Most days I have to comb the scale out, and it can be annoying, but it's just a part of what I need to do to stay comfortable. Recently I discovered a breakthrough and thought it's a nice thing to post here for Ichthyosis Awareness Month.

I'm not going to show you the intricacies of a scalp comb, obviously. This tip might work for scaly, itchy scalps affected by Ichthyosis and eczema:

I had a tube of Moo Goo eczema and psoriasis cream I wasn't using on my face or body (I tend not to use products that aren't paraffin or unprescribed on my face and body because often they leave me sore). While I was in the shower, I squeezed a generous amount of cream into my hands and massaged it into my scalp and through my hair. I have curly hair so it's quite dry. I didn't wash it out. A few hours later, I combed the scale out of my scalp with a hard, fine tooth comb. I left the cream in overnight. And I washed and conditioned my hair in morning.

My hair felt great (so soft and not oily at all) and my scalp was scale free. It stayed scale free for about four days - and I repeated the process again, just to be sure it worked.

Here's my scalp after using Moo Goo cream - a few flakes in my hair but no hard scale on my scalp. And there's very little build-up at the front of my head - there's usually a lot of scale. Look mum! No scales!

Carly Findlay scalp after using MooGoo

The cream is called 'New Eczema and Psoriasis Cream - With Marshmallow, Elderberry and More.'

Remember to see your doctor before trying anything new, and check the ingredients before using this product. You can buy Moo Goo online - it ships internationally.

This product has marshmallow root extract - the website states: "the extracts could also help remove dead skin tissue", which is probably the reason my scalp looks and feels so good! I think it also contains nuts so if you or your child have got an allergy, steer clear - but Moo Goo does a nut-free cream too.

Please note - everyone's symptoms and appearance of Ichthyosis are different - even with the same diagnosis. This means, treatment results vary. What works on me might not work on you or your child.

Good luck!

This month is Ichthyoysis Awareness Month. To read other posts in the series, click here. For more information on the condition, click here.

This post is not sponsored in any way. I'm getting no kickbacks, I buy the products myself.



  1. Thank you for sharing this. I might have to try it on my very itchy scalp too. 😊😊

  2. I love Moogoo too! I have scalp psoriasis and I find the Moogoo MSM Cream works an absolute treat as well.

    Have you ever experimented with your diet? I tried going dairy free and nightshade free (tomatoes etc) a couple of years ago and I have seen a huge improvement in the state of my skin. Whenever I have a diet slip-up my skin becomes so red and inflamed. There's a great book by Sarah Ballantyne that talks about diet and auto-immune disease. It's a bit of a read but very informative. Gen x


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