11 May 2016

Our wedding day: styling it beautifully.

Styling our wedding was such such a highlight. I started planning how the wedding would look pretty much the day after Adam put a ring on it. I had bought so many bridal magazines, and knew exactly what I wanted. As a blogger, I guess my profile was on my mind - how would it look on social media? That's silly hey?! In the weeks leading up to the wedding, things got pretty stressful. And I heard Meg Keene - a wedding blogger - talk to Aleisha on Save the Date podcast say "pretty is not an emotion".

The penny dropped. Focus on our promises to each other and working on a good relationship for the rest of our lives, and forget a Pinterest wedding.

It wasn't like I'd spent a lot on the styling, but I had given it a lot of thought. And after hearing that interview, I relaxed a little. What mattered is Adam and my love for each other, and that our friends and family had a great time. And they had fun. And to top off the emotions, the day DID look pretty - it really did.

I'm not great at graphic design, but I love doing events (that was my job for a long time) and I love styling clothes, so styling the wedding was an extension of that. It was really good to work with Camille - who is such a great designer and crafter. She gave a lot of her time for the wedding - I'm so thankful.

(Picture by Fresh Photography)

Just before I went overseas in 2014, I caught up with a friend in Yarraville. We strolled through boutiques and I spotted an amazing jacket. (It was Marita's, which shut down the week after my wedding.) I was frantically saving for travel and didn't think I could afford it (I think it was over $150 on sale) and my friend generously went halves with me. I never thought I'd be wearing it on my wedding day when I bought it. When I bought my wedding dress, I immediately knew I'd like to wear this jacket with the dress. (The jacket is by a UK label called Darling, it's no longer for sale in store, but there are a few on EBay. The print also came in green and coral, and there was a dress and a skirt in both colour sets which I wish I'd bought.

I was also influenced by the pinks, cornflower blues and purples at the Tuileries in Paris - the colours were quite similar to the jacket.

When it came to doing the Save the Dates, Camille and I decided to take a photo of the beautiful jacket print and use it as a feature. We decided all stationery would have this print.

The menus, table names and listing was also in this floral print.

(Picture by Camille)

The whole wedding was themed around THAT jacket. Even the clothes.

(Picture by Fresh Photography)

Quite tricky when it came to matching the bridesmaids dresses to the colours in the jacket. It was very lucky one of my bridesmaids is patient and loves fabric shopping. After the three of us visited 17 fabric shops, Camille found the perfect shantung silk in carnation pink and royal blue.

(Picture by Fresh Photography)

When I returned from photos and had drinks, I was wearing that jacket, and lots of people recognised it from the invitation.

(Picture by Camille)

I didn't want real flowers near me on the day as I really do get itchy and sneezy. And I like the thought of a bouquet that can be displayed forever. My bouquet was a mixture of silk flowers, buttons and brooches, and my bridesmaids' bouquets were white flowers with crystals scattered through. They were made by Nic's Button Buds - Nicole and her team were so lovely to work with!

I sent off my wedding invitation to Nicole in November, for the purpose of showing her the colour scheme, and the bouquets came back in February in the exact colours I wanted. It's so pretty to look at.

(Picture by Fresh Photography)

A friend asked what is in the little pink purse? It's a great #Ichthyosis hack - it's filled with a lip-balm sized tub of Vaseline and some tissues. Camille tied it to the bouquet with the ribbon from one of those horseshoe trinkets - made for easy access. This is the wedding version of reasonable adjustment. Perfect!

Even our gorgeous cake - made by Jason - carried the floral theme.

(Picture by Fresh Photography)
More about the cake in the next wedding blog post!

(Picture by Fresh Photography)

The flowers were styled by Pip Lincolne - again in pinks, blues reds and purples. I have been to a few blogging events she has styled so beautifully, and I immediately knew what I wanted - lots of flowers in lots of different shaped and sized bottles and jars. (So I collected glass vessels for about 18 months!)

(Picture by Fresh Photography)

The room was amazing - just how I planned.

(Pictures above and below by Fresh Photography)

Thank you to everyone who helped us style our wedding day. It looked beautiful. The little details were amazing. And more importantly, I stopped to remember pretty is not an emotion when it comes to styling. But "pretty" was present in our emotions - Adam and my happiness and beauty shone.

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  1. I think this is my favourite post so far about your wedding, because - THAT JACKET. It's so lovely to hear the story of how the jacket came to be and how you incorporated into the invitations (which were beautiful, by the way), and the actual day which I'm still miffed I missed! Looking forward to the next post XO


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