04 February 2016

Taking stock - February 2016

I've got lots that I want to write but I'm sore and need to rest. But what's a girl to do when she wants to keep the writing juices flowing? Take part in a reflection exercise from Pip Lincolne! I've shortened it a little. This is how I'm feel of in February 2016.


Making: Chia pudding. I bought one (plus a smoothie) last week and it cost a million dollars (actually $19 for the two items) and decided that I enjoyed it a lot but can't afford to buy it regularly. So I made my own by soaking black chia seeds in a mix of rice milk, maple syrup and vanilla paste in the fridge. I top it with fruit before I eat it. Delicious!

Cooking: I made a cardamom chicken and rice dish from Yotam Ottolenghi's Jerusalem, and a few recipes from Nigella's book too. They've been recent standouts.

Drinking: Adam bought Bee Mead, and I've been drinking it like cider. It's a little like beer but lighter and sweeter. It's so good.

Reading: lots of amazing disability activist blogs. There are so many fantastic writers out there, exploring important issues. I just wish they had more exposure in mainstream media. This is a great blog post, providing advice about how some charities can be damaging to people with disabilities. (I have a problem with disability charities that focus on raising money for the elusive cure, a cure that will never come, the cure that suggests we aren't good enough and need fixing. Yet the charity doesn't help focus on the every day - surviving bullying, forming a positive self esteem, finding employment etc. You might remember I wrote this related piece last year, focusing on disability poster children and how what they promoted hasn't been what they received.)

Wanting: Ellen to find a flatmate. She is still looking. Her story was on ABC online and radio earlier in the week. Please help!

Looking: Forward to the wedding! It's next month now!!

Playing: Lena Dunham's Women of the Hour Podcast. I loved the ones about friendship and body image. Listen to them!

Deciding: On flowers for the wedding - meeting Pip to discuss them today!

Wishing: there was more to watch on Netflix. Sometimes I feel I'm perpetually scrolling and not finding anything enjoyable. Any recommendations?!

Enjoying: That summer has been cooler than normal, touch wood.

Waiting: For a couple of concerts this month - Jebediah and Rob Thomas.

Liking: that holidays are just around the corner. Four more weeks of work and then three weeks off.

Loving: That Bob Evans is making a new album!

Buying: Last minute wedding stuff. Next on the list - glitter and glue for jars that will hold the flowers.

Watching: Cutthroat Kitchen. The challenges are so much fun to watch!

Hoping: There's an end to offshore detention. No babies, children or adults deserve to be held on Manus Island or Naru.

Marvelling: At how amazing Camille and Cassie have been in organising my hens day and bridesmaid dresses. They are wonderful, creative women.

Needing: More wardrobe space.

Questioning: How quickly the time is flying!

Smelling: The candle that my cleaner broke. It smells more potent now the glass lid has smashed.

Wearing: Bright colours. I got this European coastline skirt from a little pop up store at my local shopping centre, and wore it with my Anthropologie seagull cardi I bought in New York.

Knowing: Everything is going to be ok.

Thinking: Of honeymoon destinations. Europe sounds good.

Admiring: People who

Sorting: Wedding RSVPs for table seating arrangements.

Getting: Excited.

Opening: A surprise parcel from Jennie who crafts at A Little Vintage. She made me a beautiful up cycled neckpiece. I am so lucky to have lovely internet friends. How lovely is this?!

Giggling: While watching First Dates. Imagine having your blind date filmed for TV?!

Feeling: Sore. My feet and my legs especially. Over being sore.

Snacking: On spinach pasties. Adam and I made them from Paul Hollywood's recipe.

Helping: I feel like so many people are helping me right now, and I am so grateful.

Hearing: Lots of good wishes for Adam and I. Thank you.

Do you want to take stock? Pop over to Pip's for the template.


  1. A fun idea for a wedding - I went to one recently where there was a multiple choice quiz - or rather, a list of questions and a list of possible answers.
    As the bride and groom are from different countries, different cultures, and most guests knew one of them well, but the other one not so well, it was fun to try to work out things like where they met, where their parents are from etc. It also got people on the tables talking who didn't know one another.

    Hope you have a lovely lead up to your wedding, and a terrific day.

  2. I've shared Ellen's situation via Facebook (resharing your post) but I'll share it on Monday on my blog (myzania15 on wordpress) too. :) Glad to hear most things are going well Carly, even if you're sore. :/ Hope you feel better soon.


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