29 February 2016

My hens party at Crafternoon and Lady Carolina

My hens party was on Saturday. A hens party is a bachelorette party - the female equivalent of the bucks/stag night. My mum and close girlfriends came along.

My amazing, generous bridesmaids Camille and Cassie organised the most perfect party - colourful, fun, delicious, creative, classy love-filled and naughty. It was a definite reminder that the wedding is drawing closer! I feel so loved.

I wanted to avoid drinking games and strippers and do something creative. I really loved what Cheryl did for her hens night, and I let Camille know.

Camille and Cassie planned it perfectly - organising crafts and high tea at Crafternoon Cafe, followed by cocktails and dinner at Lady Carolina. When I arrived at Crafternoon, the tables were set up with craft packs - brooch materials, headbands and wire hearts, plus plenty of felt, yarn, pom poms and flower motifs. It was like a grown up five year old birthday! (Grown up because there was champagne and penis straws, and a cheeky bubble container.)

And the bridal party wore sashes!

I was presented with an amazing veil - adorned with coloured flowers, felt jewels and pom poms. It was fun wearing it - and it scored me a free drink later on!

Camille, chief crafter, showed us how to make floral brooches and hair clips, headbands and decorated wire hearts. We chatted and nibbled and got to know each other while crafting.

Here's our amazing creations!

After our crafting, we set off to Lady Carolina - a Mexican social enterprise restaurant - it had the perfect party vibe. Sun streamed through the enclosed courtyard and we enjoyed street food and cocktails.

My cocktail matched my craft.

It is lovely that these guests who didn't know each other before will now see familiar faces at the wedding.

I received a card filled with beautiful well wishes for the day and Adam and my life together.

A big thanks to Camille and Cassie for organising. They are the best bridesmaids ever!

So much fun! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate.



  1. I love the veil!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful day :-)

  2. Sounds like ya had a good time. All the best for the big day !!

  3. I am so excited for you!!!!!
    When you first met A, I was always checking back in to your blog because he was so lovely and I really wanted you to be together!!!! What a great Hens and I approve of the headpieces, they are FABULOUS! Xx

  4. O love colorful parties like this. I bet you had fun! Great organisation! :)


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