15 February 2016

Lovely thank you gifts for your bridal party

Bridesmaids in pink dresses, with text Lovely thank you gifts for your bridal party.

It's lovely receiving gifts, but it's even better giving them, right?!

Our bridal party has been AMAZING. I can't believe the amount of stuff they've done for Adam and I. Jason, our groomsman, has had a man-date with Adam to organise his suit alterations, and is also baking the cake.

And I can't believe that my bridesmaids have made their dresses, organised my hens day, made invitations AND will probably assist with taking me to the toilet on the day (I can't lift all that tulle myself!). They've worked very hard.

We are very grateful.

So with less than five weeks to the wedding, I thought it was time we showered them with gifts.

Here are some suggestions for what to buy members of your bridal party - and anyone else who has been generous with their time and expertise to help with your wedding.

Personalised gifts

If you've chosen them to be in your bridal party, chances are you'd know them pretty well.

We scoured the Internet, stores and markets, finding personalised gifts for our bridal party.

Adam and I found Jason a rolling pin embossed with chickens. He loves baking and keeps chickens. His face lit up when we gave it to him!

The rolling pin is from Happy Rolling Pin on Etsy.

Rolling pin, embossed with chickens, chicken print dough

We also gave him a baking journal which we bought from Amazon. It's a scrap book for bakers - he can write recipes and stick in photos of his creations.

I chose a vintage pattern book for Camille (bridesmaid), plus some cute earrings. The book is Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book - by sewing blogger Gertie Hirsch. Cam said her Saturday nights are sorted now - sewing dresses!

Gertie's ultimate dress book featuring woman with green rockabilly dress, plus green earrings.

Buy your bridesmaids (or groomsmen) their jewellery for the wedding day. I think that, while you have a style for your wedding day, it's nice to consult with your bridal party about what they like, and what they will wear after the day. Camille had earrings already, but I bought Cassie (Adam's sister and bridesmaid) her earrings which she'll wear on the day. I got her Lush Drops from Each to Own on Etsy.

Silver foil earrings by Each to Own

Their favourite album on vinyl. Maybe it's autographed or a limited release. Maybe it's a Darren Hayes limited edition super album with pictures and CD and vinyl. Yes please!

Experience gifts

A plant. Cassie doesn't know it yet, but I bought her a plant. I'm keeping it alive until I see her next.

Succulent plant in silver concrete pot

A magazine subscription - each month or quarter they'll receive a magazine they love. Try Mag Nation for ideas. I love Lucky Peach, Oh Comely and The Collective.

A pampering voucher - for a day spa or their favourite makeup store. 

A voucher to a fancy restaurant. 

Gifts for your partner

I think it's lovely to buy your partner a wedding present. I've bought something for Adam to remember me by - he can open it on the wedding day. I can't tell you (or him) what it is yet, but it's very romantic.

I bought him a couple of things already - some cufflinks, plus Star Wars themed socks and a lapel pin from Disneyland - he will wear all those on the day.

Other things I think you could buy include:

Cologne or perfume - this can be used (and repurchased) long after the wedding day. The scent will remind you of the wonderful time you had.

A voucher for an experience (a balloon trip, a musical or a meal) - perhaps use it on your six month wedding anniversary or honeymoon.

Jewellery for them to wear on the day. If you're traditional, this could be the "something old" (antique jewellery), "something borrowed" or "something blue".

Write a poem or a love letter - this doesn't cost anything and is so romantic.

Don't forget to budget gifts into your savings. We've been good with setting aside money each pay for wedding expenses - we budgeted (but didn't scrimp) for gifts for those involved in our wedding.

Have you got any ideas for gifts for a bridal party?

(This post hasn't been sponsored nor are there affiliate links to sellers. I just really like and recommend the sellers and products I've linked to.)


  1. I love this. So often wedding party gifts are generic and repetitive and don't really say much personally to the individual. These are awesome.

    1. Thank you! It's so important to personalize gifts - these people have made a lot of effort to make your day perfect - you should thank them!

  2. Lovely and very thoughtful gifts! It's nice to see how much you appreciate your bridesmaids. I don't have any gift advice as we had a small wedding of only 9 guests, it was so casual I didn't and wear a wedding dress and I've only been maid of honour once and it was a nightmare. She gifted me a $25 hoodie with "brideslave" in rhinestones on the back in return for the thousands she demanded I spend on her wedding (seriously, as soon as I accepted the role of MOH she emailed me a list of everything I had to pay for).

    I can laugh about it now. Just. And the hoddie is worn to bed on cold winter nights lol.

    1. Oh gosh that sounds horrible - haha at the hoodie, but it seems brideslave fitted her duty statement for you! I hope I'm not Bridezilla!


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