02 October 2015

Two podcasts I've chatted on recently

You know how I love podcasts. I wrote about them here and here. I only just noticed one of my small screen (and now podcast) queens tweeted my link out. I love Leigh.

Leigh Sales tweet to Carly findlay


I listen to podcasts every day. I am addicted. I put them on when I'm working on spreadsheets or drifting off for a nap. I listen when I'm skipping. And they teach me so much.

I also love speaking on podcasts - and in the last month or so, I've had the opportunity to speak on two! I've got another interview lined up soon too.

The first is an interview with Gurds Hundal - a London based health journalist who has a podcast called Get Inspired With Gurds. I talk to her about life with Ichthyosis, media portrayal of disabilities and what it was like to grow up looking different. It does get a bit heavy early on, when I discuss not wanting to live when I was young, but mostly it's light hearted. If you need to talk to someone contact LifeLine - 131114 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 (or the equivalent in your country).

Carly Findlay And Gurds Hundal podcast ad

Listen to that here.

The next is an interview with Pip Lincolne for Kidspot Voices of 2015. It was so much fun - we chatted about writing, going viral, and the importance of using your blog for social good. There was a lot of laughing, of course. Pip is definitely one of my online besties.

Carly findlay and Pip Lincolne

Listen to Pip and I natter here.

Yay for podcasts! It's a public holiday in Melbourne today and I've done some washing, had a nap and watched iView - I'm now going to listen to a.... You guessed it.

Are there any more podcasts you can recommend?



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