17 October 2015

A little vote for a big cause - Kidspot Voices of 2015 Alumni for the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust of Victoria

Rebecca, Carly and Camille - Kidspot voices of 2015 charity vote

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See those two beautiful ladies either side of me? They're Rebecca and Camille. They're transplant recipients. Generous organ donors gave them new life. Bec had a double lung transplant in September 2012 and Cam had the same in February 2013.

Through the help of the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc (HLTTV), they're able to life a good life - connecting with other transplant recipients, and having access to education and rehabilitation resources. Bec and Cam - and other recipients and families - are members of the HLTTV, ensuring the Trust continues to provide care for future transplant patients and their families.

Here I am with Bec, Cam and Belinda - Belinda's husband had a heart transplant earlier this year and is doing very well.

The HLTTV donated exercise equipment for the Alfred Hosptal rehabilitation gym, refurbished the transplant patient clinic and established a quiet room for patient families. What an awesome cause!

I'm in the running to be named Most Popular Voices of 2015 Alumni, and if I win, I'll get some money for myself, and Kidspot will donate $2500 to HLTTV.

This cause is important to me because it's meant my best friend Cam is alive (and will be my bridesmaid!) and through her I've met Bec and Belinda! Next year, Bec will take part in the Tour De Transplant - a five day, 600 km cycling challenge run by the HLTTV, and Cam regularly takes part in semi marathons. They're tireless campaigners for the Trust - holding regular fundraising events and promoting the cause on social media. Their energy is amazing - and they can do these things because of their transplants.

When I first met Cam, she needed an oxygen tank to breathe. Now she's the busiest woman I know - shopping, exercising, travelling, puppy raising, working, crafting and volunteering for charities - plus bridesmaid duties!

When Bec and I met properly, we shared a dessert - an amazing peach and white chocolate pizza. Look at our faces!

I'm told this money will go a long way at the HLTTV If I win.

Please throw me a vote!

#donatelife (and have the chat).



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