17 June 2014

Taxi driver education - a positive outcome I helped to achieve!

You may remember in July last year I was harassed by a taxi driver - he said the skin and cream on my face would ruin his car.

I wrote my complaint on my blog, and formally too. I took this case to the Human Rights Commission, the Victorian Taxi Commission and 13Cabs.

One of the outcomes reached in mediation and meetings with all three organisations was to develop better training for taxi drivers - to teach them that disabilities may not be so obvious, and to ask them to treat each customer with respect and patience, regardless of disability.

I'm pleased to share a video that I helped to make (also featuring my friends Kathryn Beaton and Jax Jacki Brown).


You can view the video here.

As I said on the video, disability is wider than wheelchairs and guide dogs. And I asked the taxi drivers to think of the way they treat people - what if this was your sister, wife, daughter or child?

I hope to see improvements in the taxi industry as a result.

Thank you for your support - especially to the Mantra Hotel in Melbourne, Graeme Innes, Debra Cerasa, and Kirsty from 13Cabs.



  1. That's brilliant Carly. Very well done. I'm so grateful and proud of you. I hope all public transport companies pick this up.

  2. I love this. Positive outcomes all around and a clear example of people working together to improvea situation. Here's hoping things improve in the taxi industry! :)

  3. a fantastic result coming out of what may have been left as a negative experience. Good on you for following it up! I agree with Leisa-so great to see people working together to create better outcomes for the future.

  4. You’ve got some interesting points in this article. I would have never considered any of these if I didn’t come across this. Thanks!.


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