23 June 2014

Making memories of us. A sponsored post.

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The memories I've made with my boy (FIANCÉ!) are ones I will treasure for life. While he's certainly got an eye for jewellery (did you see my engagement ring?!) and I have some special silver pieces to remind me of our love, it's the things we do together that are more special.

It's the little things. And it's apt that Keith Urban's Making Memories of Us is one of our favourite songs.

We spend lots of nights in - we even found fun reading the new washing machine manual!

We sing badly in the car - sometimes other drivers glance over! We can just be ourselves - and this is nice.

He sets his talking alarm with cute messages - "wake up lovebirds" is the latest one that made me laugh.

He has kept me calm during moments of panic about preparing for my overseas trip - sorting out my tech stuff, packing my medical case securely and giving me a hug when it became overwhelming.

We saw some beautiful scenery on our Valentine's trip away - driving for the pleasure of taking in the views, winding the windows down to inhale the sea air. On one stretch of the road, a lot of cars were stopped and tourists were out of the cars looking up at the trees. A young koala was putting on a show - swinging from the branches and posing for the camera. We watched in awe - I've only seen koalas at the zoo. It was so good to share this moment together. He hugged me as we gazed up at the tree, watching the koala play.

A couple of weekends ago we had an afternoon to spare and so we went for a leisurely shop at Chadstone. He picked out (and paid for!) the most perfect dress for me - which confirmed how much he knows my style.

As I wrote previously, food is love. I've been sick recently and he took care of me - ensuring I got enough rest and was nourished with good food. One Sunday afternoon, I went to bed while he handrolled homemade pasta and cooked it with bacon, parsley and cheese. It was amazing. Definitely one of the best homemade pasta dishes I've eaten. He was so proud!

When we first got together he said he couldn't cook. I've helped to teach him to cook. Now some of my favourite memories are of us cooking - of him having the confidence to take the lead in the kitchen. He now gets so excited about food, planning meals and asking when we can bake bread together. I love putting some music on, having a drink and seeing what we can create together.

On a deeper level, it's the way he's come to understand my skin that I cherish. He takes time to learn - asking questions about what it means for me to feel pain. He takes care to touch me gently, adjusting his hug when I'm very sore. I can't believe I've found this man who takes such good care of me. If I could revisit any memory it would be the time he told me just how committed he is to living with me and all my skin. It was after a difficult night that didn't get below 30 degrees and we were both so frustrated at how my body would just not cool down (Ichthyosis means the body has difficulty regulating its temperature). I tried lying on cooling gel mats but they felt like a hospital bed. The next day he went out to see a movie to give me some space - and came back with a promise ring. He told me that it is a symbol of his commitment to me and that he will love me no matter how hot my body gets. It was a beautiful moment.

We've made so many good memories already - blogging is definitely a great way to record them. Sometimes, after we have laughed until our tummies hurt, I write down a conversation to reflect on later, to renew these memories. As we start to plan our wedding day and the rest of our lives together, I'm excited for the memories we will make.

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  1. You guys are yin and yang, and that you managed to find each other among a sea of humans is fundamentally amazing and oh, so romantic. I love reading about your adventures - seeing you together is like watching magic happen before my eyes. Love Love Love xoxo


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