29 March 2014

Reflections on engagement.

It's been a big week! I've felt all the feelings - particularly nostalgia and thoughts about family. An engagement and an international trip!

My Mum said that the day I got engaged was the date of her late aunty's birthday - it's a special day for two reasons now. Ma Josie raised my Mum and her brother - teaching them how to be good people. I was two when Ma Josie died - I never met her, only knew her through the stories Mum told me. I know she was hard working and she made the offcuts of meat go a long way by turning them into curries and breedies. I know she braided my Mum's hair into tight rows when Mum was a little child - the gaps between the braids marked the streets of Cape Town. And I know, that despite the colour war in South Africa at the time my parents were courting, she loved my Dad like his colour didn't matter.

I've been thinking of my grandparents this past week - they've been gone a little while now. They would be so happy that I've found a wonderful man, that I'm leading the best life that was never predicted for me. Nanny had a beautiful ring, an engagement ring I think, that Poppy passed down to my Mum. It's a gold and sapphire flower ring. We never saw her wear it. I want to wear it on my wedding day, to remember Nanny by. I want to somehow know that Nanny and Poppy will be there.

My parents have welcomed Adam into the family. They are so happy! While I'm away, he will spend some time at their house in the country, making models with my Dad. I bet Dad is thinking this is the son he never had! Adam's parents have welcomed me too - we've been out for dinner a few times which has been lovely. I'm excited to have a sister-in-law - and so is she!

So many people have wished Adam and I their love and congratulations on our engagement . We are overwhelmed with the kindness of others. Thank you for all of your beautiful wishes - our family and friends are as excited as we are! I've bought two bridal magazines and I've been staring at my engagement ring a lot - in meetings, on the plane... Wouldn't you?!


And I bought him a ring too, which he loves and wants to get engraved with my name and the date of our engagement. So cute!

I was saying to him, how our life has changed since we met in October. We've turned I into We and have worked hard at a big life adjustment. No, it's not been long (and yes, I've had a few people remind me of that this week), but we are so sure it's right. We had a lovely day together yesterday - aside from me being a bit lot stressed over last minute packing. Much of it was spend grinning at each other and him fixing my tech stuff.

I'm in Auckland now. We saw each hother off at the airport very early this morning. I asked him not to cry, but it was me who couldn't hold it together. I cried seeing him off, I cried through the security gate and in customs and blubbered to the hostess on the plane. I expect my return in six weeks will rival the opening and closing scenes from Love Actually.

This is what love feels like.



  1. gorgeous words Carly. Have a wonderful trip - enjoy this time x

  2. Beautiful Carly, I'm so very happy for you!

  3. You're right, when you know, you know! There's many people who thought we were "rushing into it" when we got married less than four months after we met, but we're coming up to 8 years this September. You know when it's right.

    Enjoy your overseas adventure!

  4. Carly, wear Joan's ring with all the love & pride she had in you. She adored you & spoke endlessly of how well you were doing. She wondered where life would take you & hoped you would find the man of your dreams & be happy. She & Norm will be with you in spirit on your wedding day, both with the biggest smiles possible. Enjoy your trip & enjoy your homecoming even more. Chris L xx

  5. Oh, poo poo on those who remind you that it hasn't been long, lol! Want to know of a short courtship? My stepmom got engaged to her husband after three days of knowing one another…three DAYS. They were together for 30 years before he died, but what a life they had! My step=grandfather (pop-pop) told me he almost fell over when he found out because they hadn't even met yet! He sat them down, had a heart to heart with her fiancee and made them wait a year to get married. They respected his wishes, but my stepmom tells me that if he hadn't made them wait they would have gotten married on the fourth day. ;)

    Congrats on your engagement Carly and may you and Adam have your own beautiful love story.

  6. Maria, my mighty heart is breaking. I'll be in the Humvee

  7. Maria, my mighty heart is breaking. I'll be in the Humvee

  8. Beautifully said. A big congrats to you both x

  9. Don't worry about the time thing. I met my hubby and was engaged within 5 months (although we had an year long engagement.) Enjoy your European Holiday-a nice time to explore the world before you come home to create the new chapter of your life together. So happy and excited for you.

  10. I'm very happy for you both! Let.me tell you, once you start with the bridal mags, it can be hard to stop. I went bridal mag crazy! And this was from a girl who wasn't "into all that". But why not? Enjoy the whole process! Warm wishes. 👰


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