17 March 2014

Busy. Sick. My body tells me to slow down. Impending travel.

It's less than two weeks until I fly out. Holy shit I go overseas next week!

Last week - though a short work week - I've felt the strain. I'm just so busy. There's my day job, writing commitments, speaking commitments to prepare for when I return in May, social outings, airline wrangling (oh God!), packing, cooking and housekeeping. I never like to complain about being busy, because I believe busyness is a choice. But I am overwhelmed. I had a little meltdown on Thursday night, worried I won't do everything I need to before I go. And so I did nothing. My boy ordered me to sit on the couch and relax. He made me a hot chocolate and told me to forget what I had to do. This was me relaxing.

My body is telling me to slow down. I have a cold - a sore throat and bit of infection in my nose and chest. I went into work today, was told I sounded as terrible as I feel, and went home to sleep. My body has less than two weeks to sort this shit out. And so it's a high dosage of lemon and honey plus home made chicken soup for me to get well. I spent most of the weekend resting and reading Anita Heiss' book Tiddas (it's wonderful) and watching catch up episodes of Neighbours. And I even said 'no' to some requests!

I was treated to the most amazing lunch cooked from scratch by my boy yesterday. He cooked while I was in bed. He hand rolled home made pasta dough (we made it two Saturdays ago) and cooked it with bacon, parsley, cheese, garlic and chilli. It was seriously the best home made pasta I've ever tasted. Four months ago he took my hand and said he was my boyfriend. He told me he can't cook. And now, he cooks, and is so proud of it!

I am so excited for my trip, and love traveling alone, but I'm a little sad that I won't experience my travels with the man I love. I'm going to miss him during the six weeks I'm away.

He's the best man I could ever wish for. The love he shows me radiates from him, like sunbeams. He's so cute. And he makes me laugh. And he likes food as much as I do. And he has a heart of gold. We go well together.

(I hope he's secretly booked a ticket and plans to surprise me by showing up in Paris or something.)

Since we've been together, we've seen each other every weekend since mid November. This weekend just gone was our last together before I go away, as he's away next weekend. I'm a bit sad.

I'm not one of those girls who can't do anything alone - definitely not - but I am new to this being apart from my love situation. I worry I will wish he was there with me more than enjoying the moment - and I know he doesn't want me to do that. There's more technology than ever for us to keep in touch, it should be fine!

Anyway, I think I'm probably tired and cough-y and emotional and over thinking things. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I've got an exciting last day together planned next Friday, I'm smiling just thinking about it.

Tell me about you - are you crazy busy too? Any tips for surviving a brief stint of long distance romance?



  1. It's the law of nature that children get sick before their birthdays and adults get sick before they travel!

    I am always busy but this year has been Crazy Busy. Seriously. I am getting by on maybe 4 hours sleep a night.

    Mr FF travels a lot for work and I'm about double your age and used to it. I miss him, but it is what it is.

    You can stay in touch by phone and Skype and you'll be having so much fun and collecting lots of great stories to tell. xx

  2. Sometimes you just need to STOP - I was doing the too much and nearly fell over the last few weeks - starting to pick myself up again...


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