14 August 2013

Introducing Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids: a BUPA Health Influencer award winner

The winners of the BUPA Health Influencer blog awards are fantastic people, and I am proud to be in their company. I want to introduce you to them each week, and I encourage you to read their blogs. They've all made a positive difference in their communities and also in their own lives.

Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids is one of the loveliest women in the world. She's very kind and generous, and passionate about her job as a child behaviour consultant and researcher. Her status updates on Facebook make me smile - she shares funny anecdotes from the children she works with:

Life tip from Miss 6 "When you have a baby on bad days you just can't pop it back in the hole. So eat chocolate & cuddle it"
My moment today "Come on Mr 4 let's go and wash the chocolate of your hands" Mr 4 grabs my hand "Ok but it's not chocolate it's my poo"
Miss 7 "When you like some one a lot it makes electricity in your tummy" #awwwww
Biology lesson from Mr 4 "I know why girls have vaginas. It's because they don't wear jocks"

I am also honoured that she linked to my blog in her piece about teaching kids about acceptance. Nathalie has become such a good friend.

Meet Nathalie, the winner of the Family category in the BUPA blog awards.

"My blog is mainly behaviour related, looking at the bigger picture and simple life lessons. I cover child behaviour and looking at the world through the eyes of a child. The blog started in May 2011. It features many aspects of behaviour from how we can feel as parents, what children may be feeling, behaviour in social media and even my own behaviour.

I hope my blog helps others understand that parents are the best experts at knowing their children. I share a fair amount about life and try to show that we all have our own issues, that what we feel is valid and non comparable. I'd love to see more acceptance of others.

Blogging helps me connect with others, when I cared for mum who had Alzheimer's it felt like I had an amazing online community of friendship and support.

Winning the Bupa Health Influencer award after such a short time blogging blew me away, I suppose it has shown me and hopefully other bloggers that it's not about blogging daily but connecting.

The plans for the blog in all honesty will be pretty much the same, I'd love to commit to blogging more but work keeps me nice and busy.

Tips for new bloggers are write from your heart, don't worry about numbers it's about connecting. Even if you don't get many comments people are reading. Be honest, keep it real, find your own voice, imagine speaking to a friend as you write."

Keep up with Nathalie:

Website: www.easypeasykids.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/easypeasykids

Twitter: @easypeasykids

Pinterest: pinterest.com/easypeasykids/



  1. Love Nathalie and her blog. Such a good woman doing good things (and she's gorgeous!). Congratulations to you on your award too, Carly. x

  2. Thanks for your gorgeous write up, you are too lovely xx

  3. Congratulation to all the winner of BUPA Health Influencer blog awards. And all the best for future.

    Kopi Luwak


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