23 April 2013

Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign - still highlighting that outer beauty is your most important trait.


I'm over at Kiki and Tea today discussing the Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign.

The heart of the message still focuses on outer beauty being integral to happiness and success. "It [beauty] couldn't be more critical to your happiness", participant Florence says. "I should be more grateful of my natural beauty. It impacts the choices we make in the friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children. It impacts everything", she says.

The Real Beauty ad tries hard, but the message still emphasises the importance of looking beautiful.

Read my piece here.



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  1. Hi Carly. I understand what you are saying in terms of the ad focussing on outer beauty. And of course I agree that beauty on the outside should not be the sole determinant of one's happiness and self esteem, but I think it's also important to recognise that that what someone looks like on the outside can be a very important part of one's self esteem and that there's also nothing wrong with that. To me, I think it's equally as bad to lament people for only focusing on the outside as it is to promote only focusing on the inside. Both parts make up who we are. I make sure I look good on the outside for myself, because it makes ME feel good about myself, not because of the so called focus of society on the outside. I'm not sure if any of that makes sense sorry! Anyway my point is the outside is just as important to some people as the inside and that's not a bad thing!


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