29 April 2013

Tiny Superheroes - Empowering extraordinary kids one cape at a time.

It's easy to feel powerless when you have a chronic illness or disability. Much time is spent having medical treatments and appointments, various therapies and trying to overcome society's curiosity and sometimes cruelty. It's easy to forget that every day, you've got strength in your adversity. That you're a superhero. There's a charity in America that aims to remind children with chronic illnesses and disabilities that they have superhero qualities. The charity is called called Tiny Superheroes and they've been bringing smiles to children's faces since early 2013

I found out about Tiny Superheroes through the Ichthyosis community. Kids in capes kept on popping up on my social media feeds. And my heart melted at the photos. So beautiful! Here's Evan and Bruli playing the piano.

And Evan flying. The cuteness.

Robyn from Tiny Superheroes says that the initiative started after reading Blessed By Brenna. She sewed capes for her son and nephew, and her husband suggested that Brenna needs a cape too! Since then, she and the Tiny Superhero sewing team has sewn and donated over 100 capes to little children with illness and disabilities. Robyn says these children with illnesses and disabilities are "Extraordinary TinySuperheroes who exemplify strength and determination as they overcome great adversity."
"TinySuperheroes seeks to empower our little ones — one cape at a time. We donate capes to Extraordinary TinySuperheroes who exemplify strength and determination as they overcome great adversity. Once these Extraordinary TinySuperheroes are comfortable in their new capes, we feature them on our blog, in hopes of giving them a voice, their illness or disability a face, and the world the opportunity to stretch."
Below is Lauren and Evan - both with Ichthyosis. Adorable!
I've been so moved by Robyn and her team - the way Tiny Superheroes honours these children is beautiful. Look! Clockwise from left to right: Anthony, Issac and Kenji. (Photos used with permission from Tiny Superheroes.)

I jokingly asked Robyn if I am tiny enough for a cape - at five foot one. And she told me that I absolutely need a cape! The cape arrived in the mail on Saturday :)

And I'm all about poking a bit of fun at myself, especially for a good cause!

It was perfect cape flapping weather! I went to infinity and beyond!
Robyn hasn't only been making and shipping capes to chronically ill and disabled children, she's also sent them to the young survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing.

These small acts of kindness by Tiny Superheroes are making children across the world feel ten feet tall.

You can nominate a Tiny Superhero here.

You can sponsor a cape for a Tiny Superhero here.



  1. What a fabulous idea! The pic of the little fella "flying" is unbelievable cute. You look very fetching in your purple cape Carly too ;)

  2. That is so beautiful Carly, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Such a great cause. I'm going to pass this onto my mum. My ex's little girl is chronically ill, sadly doctors don't know exactly whats wrong. I'm sure she would love to be a superhero.

  4. Oh that is the cutest ... I think I cried a bit :) You look so cool in your cape!


  5. What a fantastic idea. I read this with my four year old over my shoulder, asking about the capes. He was very impressed that you were brave like super heros and had capes.

  6. Great cause! It really is amazing the power of a cape. Your purple one is awesome. V.

  7. What an awesome job Robyn is doing. Evan is adorably cute flying in his cape xx


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