24 March 2013

Sunday Snippets

I've spent the weekend at Camille's house - being her nurse-slave. I've not had to do any nursing or slaving. It's been really lovely hanging out with her, and the best thing is, Camille is doing so well after her transplant.

We've been shopping...

And eating...

And crafting - I made brooches and a hairclip...

And watching reality TV. I can always count on Cam to have a number of fashion, food and interior design shows saved up - though she thinks I'm weird because I said watching Hoarders will make me itchy!

Camille also designed me a new blog header - how awesome is it?! I've given my blog a spring clean too.

Must dash, we are catching up on Come Dine With Me. I fell asleep during last night's reality TV marathon, so I need to ensure I make today's marathon!

Happy Sunday to you!

I'm playing along with Tinniegirl's Sunday Snippets.



  1. Loving your new header Carly.It is clean and crisp.Your friend has done a wonderful job.
    Your crafting is lovely too.You are a very beautiful and creative soul.Xx

  2. Enjoy your weekend. Love the new header! The picture is great :)

  3. The new header looks fab. I love those shoes.

  4. Love that new header. Great job on those brooches too. Cherrie

  5. Watching Hoarders makes you itchy? It makes me do stuff like scrubbing corners with old toothbrushes and cleaning dust off high cabinets via the big ladder, throwing out the stack of newspapers that is *gasp* two inches tall, then I start cleaning out cabinets that I've already done.
    Love your new header, those little purple stars are very nice.

  6. I love the new look! And what a lovely weekend, great shoes by the way!

  7. What a great weekend you had! I love the brooches, handmade..


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