19 February 2012

Performance anxiety. Radio interview. Cake with CurlyPops. Clothes.

I've got a case of performance anxiety at the moment. Not in the traditional sense of performance anxiety in the bedroom, but performance anxiety of the written kind. As I mentioned yesterday I have three writing projects to do, but I am making little progress on them because I am worried they won't be good enough. Silly thoughts, I know. And this fear of quality is only measured by my standards, so far. I'll get over myself soon.

Last weekend I spoke on community radio about my Aim for the Stars grant. You can listen to it here - I am at around the 37 minute mark. The show is The Grandstanders and Chris and Jane were so very lovely to talk to.

Today I had morning tea with Cam from CurlyPops. I baked a cake - banana, coconut and blueberry. I shelled a coconut for the cake - I used a cleaver and hammer on the floor. I feared for my toes. We had a lovely chat and the cake was delicious!

Today is the start of Donate Life Week and Cam is on the organ donation registry, due to receive a new set of lungs. Please pop over to her blog and read about Donate Life Week and consider donating your organs to help people like her and others in need. Cam and I became friends as we both write for DiVine and share the love of blogging and cake. And I am so glad I did - it was a wonderful morning.

Other than seeing Cam and booking my London flight, I've kept a low profile this weekend. I am a bit sore and need to rest. But while I was in the shopping centre yesterday I took the time to wander through Myer and spent my birthday gift vouchers on these lovely clothes - big bargains! I had my eye on them for a while but couldn't justify full price, so was happy to see them on sale. Perfect for taking overseas!

Have a great week everyone :)

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