29 February 2012

Callan Mulvey's wife reads my blog! Some wedding photos.

I always wonder who reads my blog. When I look at the google statistics and keywords I wonder why someone was thinking of me enough to google me. Once someone googled 'what does Carly Findlay look like naked?' at 3 am. I thought I'd hit the big time. My Mum said to me (and the doctor because we were discussing my blog in the emergency ward) that the googler was probably drunk. Because according to my Mum, apparently someone will only think of me naked when they're drunk and it's 3 am. (I look hot naked, in case anyone is wondering. It'll save you a google.)

I digress. I am always excited when readers reveal themselves.

I was walking down the street one day with a colleague when someone stopped me mid tram track to say 'great blog'. Recently I had a lady in the lift at work ask me for my autograph because she's watched me on TV and reads my blog. I had to laugh!

So about month ago when I got an email through my comment form from someone called Rachel Mulvey I was equal parts excited and nervous. As some of you may know one of my idols is Callan Mulvey, the Australian actor in Rush and Underbelly. I've met him at the season 2 premiere of Rush, filming, at the season 3 premiere of Rush, and at the Logies. And he wrote me a letter.

Rachel Mulvey is Callan's wife.

Oh my gosh!, I thought. Callan's wife knows there's another woman out there who admires him almost as much as she does. And I worried she may have seen a picture of me kissing the TV screen when I had that Rush themed birthday party and I had to kiss the nearest man in the room - Callan in character as Sgt Brendan Joshua.

Her email was really nice - very complimentary. She said she has been reading my blog (and Callan has too!) and wanted to send me a message of thanks for my support and admiration, and offer me some photos. We've been emailing for a few weeks now.

Callan told Rachel about me after he'd met me, and Rachel found my blog. She came across my post about their wedding. She has been kind enough to send me some good quality pictures of the wedding and given me permission to share them on my blog. So here they are :)

I am incredibly grateful and lucky for her to take the time to email me and give me a little insight into their lives. She's passed on a few messages from Callan too, and he seems the loveliest. I am so looking forward to seeing Brothers in Arms this year - it's coming soon I think.

Blogging. You never know just who might be reading. Wow.

And it turns out we both like Callan looking long haired and scruffy! ;)


  1. Nice, Carly! That birthday party was fun and it was hilarious when you had to kiss the screen! PS wow, how beautiful is Callan's wife?!

  2. How very sweet of her to take the time out for one of her husbands fans.Shows what lovely people they both are.I am so glad this happened to you as will help make up for your other dissappointment.Like I always say to my daughter,when something negative happpens just wait as the positive will come along x

  3. Bless her, that's so sweet! What tops people they must be!
    Wow, those wedding pics are just gorgeous!
    What a cool email interaction you have going, all born out of your blog - it's so amazing the reach blogging can achieve! Well done!

  4. I often wonder who reads my blog, in my head it is basically me and my Mum. It shouldn't surprise me that my friends do and yet anytime someone mentions it, I get such a kick. Except when I discovered that my boyfriend's ex was reading it and must have read the whole two years worth in detail based on some of the comments she made. That was a little, well creepy.

    But how cool about Rachel Mulvey reading it and sending you those totally gorgeous pictures. Of course it is excellent reading material though!

  5. I wont lie, I am super jealous!!

    His wife is simply stunning...he super dreamy.
    I have adored Callan since Heart Break High...OMG!!

    I need a cold shower, goodluck Mulveys on a beautiful life xx

  6. Those shots are absolutely beautiful. They look like such an in-love couple. It's really cool that Rachel was actually reading your blog & thought of you like that though! Wow.

  7. What a sweet couple they must be. It's one thing for them to read it, but for them to write is just so lovely x

  8. Gorgeous wedding photos aren't they? Hmmm he is quite cute and she is gorgeous...
    When you first start blogging you wonder how it is that anyone - not related to you - will read your blog (my Dad, Mum, sister and best friend make up my support team).
    I keep at it because I love the process and one day my offerings might strike a cord with someone.
    It is fabulous that as much of a profile you have achieved you are still thrilled to learn of new followers! Thank you for the post.xoxo

  9. Im writing a post about young talent time right now if your theory is correct!!

  10. Now that is very cool even though I've never heard of him. (I live under a rock and don't watch much TV!)It does make you wonder who reads your blog though. Laughed out loud about the 3am google search for you...classic! xx

  11. Callan Mulvey was my teenage love (as most of girls who liked Drazic).

    For many many years ( I am 28 now!!!) I haven't heard anything about him (as I live in Spain) and even I forgot about it, but last week I don' know why I had a flashback and I thought... let's see what can I find about him in google. What I found is that he's a gorgerous man, who seems to have a happy family. So congratulations!

    Unluckly we don't have RUsh in Spain, but luckly youtube exists.

    Congrats to you for your great blog!!!



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