24 May 2010

Music I've been missing - Motorace, Five Star Laundry

Tonight before I started packing for my mid-week trip to Sydney (I'm so excited!!) I thought about more music I've been missing. I wanted something good to pack to, given I am the world's worst packer.

I repeat. The world's worst packer. I go somewhere for three days and I am equipped for a month of all seasons. And I hardly wear any of it when I get there. I need to do a short course in packing. I actually have an article about how to pack minimally by Janice Breen Burns stuck to my fridge. It's right below a letter from a senior manager in my organisation telling me what a great employee I am. This letter reminds me how I've succeeded. The article reminds me I am a failure in some things.

I digress.

The music I've been missing was Motorace. Their Five Star Laundry CD was perfect for packing. Grunty, rocky, indie, loud, Australian and great lyrics.

I bought this CD in 2001. I guess it was one of the first indie sounding CDs I owned. I felt cool because I was listening to something 'alternative'.

Motorace were also one of the first bands I'd seen play at a pub. Maybe even the first. In 2000, I saw The Whitlams, Stella One Eleven, Motorace and the Screaming Jets at The Termo (RIP - it's since burnt down) in Albury. Good times. After the Motorace gig, I learnt the effects of drinking and late nights and smoky environments. I remember presenting a Human Resources assignment to the class the day after Motorace, and I'd lost my voice.

Their song Death Defy was the theme song to The Secret Life of Us, an Australian TV show set in St Kilda starring Claudia Karvan, Deb Mailman, Joel Edgerton and Samuel Johnson. I love love love this show. When I moved to Melbourne I hoped I'd live in a Secret Life of Us type arrangement. Sadly, this did not happen. But my claim to fame is I once kissed a guy who lived in the house where they filmed the rooftop scenes for The Secret Life of Us.

Here is some of the fabulous Secret Life of Us.

And you can hear Death Defy in this mashup of my two favourite shows - Rush and Secret Life of US! Evan (Secret Life) narrates the scene to Rush! (Warning - it is graphic)

My favourite song from Five Star Laundry is American Shoes. But I cannot locate a video.

So here is the title track, which I also like.

I love their sound. Apparently there is a live Motorace DVD which I must purchase. They have since disbanded. They were a great band.

I am really enjoying finding the music I've been missing.


  1. Hi Carly
    You will do good and pack light for Sydney. I am depending on you to succeed where I have failed.

    Take care and have a safe flight over.

    SSG xxx

  2. I can give you a kind of cours for short packing :-)I always forget things, when I pack my stuff for a short trip. Last year: shoes to go out, this year my whole underwear! Essh...

    Best wishes


  3. Motorace were awesome! I remember the lead singer being kinda a babe :)

    Ahhh I loved Secret Life of Us!!!

    My band that I recently re-discovered is Pollyanna, they were so great!

    My parents recently recorded some old episodes of Recovery that was on Rage one night for me. We had such great music back in the 90's in Australia and i'm so lucky that I got to see the majority of those bands live as well.

  4. Hope the packing went well!

    My fave track off Five Star Laundry is Lorenzo, but the whole CD is a gem for me. Hey Driver just puts me in the best mood, and Five Star Laundry is probably my other favourite, bar Criminal Past. It actually me want to race out the door and chase the day down! Oh and Chairman of the Board. Ahhh, I love that album. I could actually go on about it for ages. It takes me back to high school, and the Secret Life of Us. Love.

  5. Oh my gosh, Motorace!
    I was about 19 when that album came out and I adored it! It played on permanent rotation on my car stereo for months and months (occassionally getting interchanged with Jebediah, Slightly Odway!). I am so going home to put it on tonight! I think I will be singing at the top of my lungs like old times. hehe.
    Thanks for taking me back. xx

    With Secret life of us, my sister and I used to sit in her bed every week and watch it with a block of chocolate...or two hehe.

    Pancakes from VF.

  6. wow, Motorace!. Talk about blast from the past. i remember seeing them play at a really dodgy music festival in country victoria when i was about 15 and losing my shit when they played 'death defy'. Just listening to it now and so many memories come flooding back from when i was a teenager.

  7. Carly, I did a double take when I crossed the street in Sydney CBD today because I thought I saw you... then I come onto your blog and find out that you were in fact in Sydney! I hope your trip was fun :)


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