08 January 2017

Support group for Australian and New Zealand women living with Ichthyosis.


I have set up a private Facebook support group for Australian and New Zealamd women (and people who identify as women) who have Ichthyosis. 

If you fall into this category, you are welcome to join. Women can discuss sensitive topics they might not feel comfortable discussing elsewhere. 

I've limited the group to Australian and NZ women living with Ichthyosis for a number of reasons - treatments like creams and tablets that are often only available in Australia and NZ and suggestions of creams in USA/UK/EU/Asia might not be available here; there are many international Ichthyosis support groups; Australia and NZ are geographically isolated; there are already parents and carers groups; and this will be a safe space for women only. 

Thanks! Hope to see you there. 

(If you are not an Australian or Zealand woman living with Ichthyosis - a parent, carer, male, sibling, Ichthyosis charity worker, doctor, nurse, not living in Australia or NZ - there are many other support groups you can join. I've listed them here.)

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