30 June 2016

Happy social media day!

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It's social media day today!

Social media has allowed previously unheard voices to be heard and unseen faces and bodies to be seen - on our terms. Blogs, podcasts and social media channels has meant that we can tell our stories and have an audience. We no longer have to rely (or grimace at) mainstream media to tell our stories – we can write and publish immediately.

We can become credible authorities on topics – and this is merely through the way we write and respond to our social media communities. I pinch myself when media publishers ask me for a quote (this happened today!), or when people ask for advice about blogging or social media. I am currently working on a social media plan for a friend – and I’ll be getting paid for it! Who would have thought?!

And social media allows us to mobilise, bringing to light issues that impact us directly, but aren’t getting the mainstream media coverage they deserve. This is especially true for people from minority communities. My personal experience has been in the chronic illness and disability community – and I’ve seen some great initiatives by people of colour and the LGBTIQ+ communities too. I was so proud with the way we drew attention to the poor practices of The Mighty, and the problems with Me Before You. I joked to Michelle from Living with Bob that sicksters are doing it for themselves. Get it?

I won’t lie – it's not always roses. I’ve felt a bit worn out by social media recently, and I've been hurt, especially since I’ve taken the risk to write more contentious pieces, which I will write about more soon. But overall, it’s been amazing. And the people who have come into my life have been wonderful.

I am so thankful for all the opportunities, networks and friendships it's brought me ❤ I wouldn't know where I'd be without it.

Happy day!

Ps: just after I published this, a blog reader whose child has Ichthyosis, sent me this.

"I Cant even remember if i told you , but yours was the first blog i read on Ichthyosis as my child was being diagnosed.

At the end were few links , i saved the page for later reference - an reopened it after 4 months.

Those links were to face book page for parents etc.

And that changed our lives.

If Not for your blog i don't know how much longer it would have taken me to find the support that i have now through that page

All credits to you and I'll Aways be grateful.

Thankyou that you take out time to write."

Thank you! I'm so glad I helped you and your family ❤️


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