14 December 2015

My very own Instagram Husband

Have you seen the very funny Instagram Husband video?

Adam sent it to me - he loves it and so do I!

One of the few reasons Adam and I argue is over taking Instagram photos. I'm a little bossy, you see.

"Please use my proper camera."

"I like this wall, that one is too dirty."

"Can you please take a photo of what wore to work? I really like it!"

"Don't reveal where we live."

"Please take more than three photos."

"Not yet, I'm not ready."

"Is my dress too short?" (To which he replies, "not short enough".)

"Have you sent the photos yet?"

And so on.

My love, he's so patient. So obliging. And I'm sure, like in the video, his phone is filled with photos of me.

He understands. This isn't vanity. This is what I do. He's ok with it. Even with the eye rolls.

Sometimes he will take photos when I'm not looking. Really unflattering ones. Ones when I am lying on the couch with my pyjamas on, floppy boobs and messy hair. He said he thinks I'm still beautiful.

Occasionally he'll send me one of the unflattering photos and I screech "when did you take that?". He tells me he snapped it when I wasn't looking, or when I was moving. Like this one (one of the more flattering ones).
Most of the time he takes photos on the run, and tells me to hurry up, we are late! I pile him with stuff I don't want in the photo. My bag...my sunglasses... He snaps anyway. He said he liked this action shot.

We get it right, and I post the photos once he's messaged them to me. He always takes them on his phone as mine gets Vaseline lens. Here are two successful ones.

He told me he's not one for photos. But then he sneaks into selfies. Like this. Cute!

Have you got an Instagram Husband or Wife? A selfie stick? Is your photographer as patient as mine? (Sorry for the influx of photos of me, too.)


  1. I tried but my hubby just isn't a photographer. He gifted me a selfie stick for Christmas last year. I haven't even taken it out of the box.

  2. This is great. My husband thought he should start a support group after watching that video! The best one is when he is starving and I make dinner but he can't eat it until we've taken a photograph! Eye rolls withstanding, he'll always be my favourite photographer!


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