23 November 2015

Hello. Real, not curated.

After my amazing day on Friday (see my Facebook or Instagram for details - and stay tuned for a little wrap here soon), I've not been so well over the weekend. I'm tired, my skin is a little sore on my ribs and I feel sick in the tummy. I've been in bed for a lot of the weekend. Travel, socialising the heat and a long day has taken a lot out of me.

I've put all writing on hold and am just focusing on getting better for work this week. 

Life's great, but not all the time. I am very mindful not to present a curated life online. I do live a very full, busy and active life, which may seem out of the ordinary for someone with a chronic illness. I am aware of that privilege. 

Here's the reality, when I'm not doing all the amazing stuff: Much of my writing is done in bed. I wear pyjamas a lot. My house isn't very tidy. Sometimes I get takeaway. And I nap a lot. It's all part of self care so I can get everything I want to do done.

Anyway, just checking in to say I'm here but a little under the weather. Hope you've had a good weekend! ❤️

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  1. Hope you get on the mend real soon Carly. Sending healing vibes and lots of rest when you can your way.oxoxo


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