18 August 2015

What I wore to Problogger

So, this last weekend I went to the Problogger conference - a conference for bloggers. 700 of us - with about 10% of those male! I was nerding out - in my element learning about blogging, content creation, networking and promotion. It was SO social - I've not seen many of my blogging friends for a year, and some I'd never met until the conference! I've got a big to do list - the number one priority is to look after myself more - to slow down! And so because my brain is completely full (a socialisation-motivation-inspiration hangover is worse than the wine flu, honestly!), like Vanessa (Mrs Problogger) I am dipping my toe into writing about the event by starting off with a fashion post. Here's what I wore. (It was so nice not to dress so wintery!)

Friday morning I started off at the gym! I know! I ran just over a mile on the elliptical - more than 1.5 km - not bad for someone out of practice! And before 6.30 am. So I wore gym clothes. Purple jacket and grey pants from Kmart, and a coral Adidas tank.

That was the only time I went to the gym because on Saturday morning my skin was too dry from the aircon to feel comfortable, and Saturday night was spent dancing the night away to 80s music until my stomach felt like I'd done sit-ups, so I figured that was enough exercise! I did feel great after the run though!

And after a shower, I dolled myself up for day one of the conference.

My jacket is from St Frock. I was given a charcoal one a few months ago and LOVE it, so when the navy one went on sale, I snapped it up. So flattering. My striped tshirt is from the opshop. (And I'm wearing anotherlong-sleeved tshirt underneath.) boots are from Via Nova. And this amazing skirt is from Chic-Wish. London buses and phone booths. They have the prettiest photographic print skirts - Frocks and Frou Frou got me onto them. The London one is sold out (sorry!) but there are lots of others. The sizing is super small though (or I'm a little big at the moment!).

That skirt was like a celebrity. So many people stopped me to tell me how fabulous it is! Tonia chased me down for a photo and blogged about my skirt (and other fabulous fashionistas). I just love the bold colours and London scenes (my fave city!). I'm also wearing a jubilee brooch which a friend gave me after my speech in Bristol.

That night there was a themed party - Shine. I packed something old and blue - my sequinned mullet dress I got from House of Frazer in the UK three years ago. It's a glam go-to dress. I did get cold by the pool, so needed my wool jacket halfway through the night.

These ladies are two of the nicest, most stylish in the blogging industry. Tatum and Nat and give practical, fun fashion advice. I love how encouraging they are of all women having fun with fashion. They blog at Make it Look Easy.

Problogger was a Mecca of fashion. Seriously amazing. It was like being at NY Fashion Week at times. How amazing does Robyna look?!

After a bad night's sleep the previous night, and a huge day, I'd finished up at the very lavish party by 8.10 pm. The bed felt like a cloud. Bliss.

The next morning was spent breakfasting, socialising and getting a manicure. Productive! Here's what my nails wore. Nail polishes have cute names - the hot pink is called 'Ladies and Magenta-men'!

I live tweeted the conference and was so worried the early morning tweeting would chip my polish! It's ok!

On day two of the conference, I wore charcoal and navy.

The dress - which is extremely short when I sit down - is from Myer's Miss Shop. It features peach bird and floral print. And my cape is from St Frock - I just bought it on sale after listing after Cheryl's cape for a year! Boots are the same as the first day - so comfy. I think the cape is a new fashion genre - Corporate Superhero.

And Sunday was a rest day, spent with friends. So it was casual. Adam thinks I look like I'm wearing pyjamas when I wear this. Mrs Woog calls it Comfy Womfy. I agree.

My lavender top is from a local boutique and my pants were gifted from St Frock last year.

I loved dressing up at Problogger. And I loved seeing what others wore. It was never hard to get another person to take an photo either! The first thing Alexx Stuart said to me was this:

Being at Problogger is like being at a wedding - where everyone is the bride- Alexx Stuart

So true! Many of us gushed over fashions. We lifted each other up! And it's not superficial to say that dressing up made us feel good. I wrote about why I post photos of my every day style - because of the positive impact fashion has on me. The reaction to my outfits from Problogger attendees had the same feeling of positivity to the power of a hundred.

More about what I learnt at the conference coming soon. When my brain settles.

How about you? Did you go to Problogger? Stayed home? Post a link to what you wore in the comments :)



  1. Thanks for the shout-out Carly. p.s. I have to say, I love the way you styled my favourite skirt - especially with the striped top. That manicure looks terrific too - glad you managed to get an appointment. I went back on the Sunday but they were booked out. Really enjoyed reading about your lovely looks for the whole event x

  2. I just love you Carly - this was awesome and you looked amazing every single day xo

    1. I love you too! Still need to look at the hair cream stuff!

  3. Love your style Carly and that cape is fab too! I agree, we are all the bride at #pbevent! x

    1. Imagine what it's going to be like one wedding day! Weeee!

  4. Thanks for the mention, Carly! I am partial to a good cape and love that your has POCKETS! Handy to stash all the business cards collected over the event, I suspect? ;)

    Following on from Darren's keynote and the fashion-y wrap-up posts and my being a business fashion blogger, I'm going to see if I can write a post about the ProBlogger team uniform...just wish I took more photos of us but hopefully they'll be some on the event hashtag...

  5. Love that London skirt! So good to catch up with you, speak soon x

  6. Awww, you are too sweet and you looked SO fabulous at ProBlogger. It was beyond fantastic to hang out with you and so many other wonderful bloggers. I couldn't really check out your nails - was too busy gawking at that sparkler :)

  7. Oh I loved the PB fashion too! Everyone looked fabulous and the shine party was the fashion highlight for sure. That ring of yours certainly fit the shine theme too. How stunning! Xx

  8. That skirt is fantastic, such a standout piece!!


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