09 June 2015

A taxi driver restored my faith.

Last month I went to a conference in Canberra. I was a speaker there. I caught a taxi to and from the airport. 

I had a long chat with the taxi driver on my way to the airport. I told him I am a writer. He asked if I've ever written about taxi drivers. Awkwardly I told him I had, explaining the discrimination I've faced.

"That's bullshit", he said

He told me how ignorant people can be and how they don't consider how quickly someone can acquire a disability or be impacted through a disabled child. We talked about the diversity of disabilities. He also said how he recognises that he is representing his family and country, and it's a shame that discriminatory behaviours can tarnish the reputation of a race.

When the ride ended, he apologised to me on behalf of taxi drivers and his race - though I said there was no need to. What a wonderful trip.  

We thad such a deep conversation. He showed me a photo of his child and wished me a good trip as he helped me with my luggage. I love these small interactions. One person shook my confidence about catching taxis. And another restored my faith in drivers.  


  1. its so good your faith was restored! I have problems going into taxi's as a passenger due to anxiety as I'd been in a car crash due to a drunk taxi driver who was the actual driver, its taken years of treatment for me to actually be ok in a passenger seat of someone driving whether a taxi or not. On Friday my hubby and I went into the city and we had to get a taxi cause my partner also has a disability. The taxi driver was really nice, and so friendly. My hubby actually tipped him and he never does that!


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