18 April 2014

Travel tales: giving New York City a second chance.

I didn't like New York City as much as I hoped to when I came here last time. It was hot. Far too hot. The people were brash. I didn't enjoy BlogHer. And the food and shopping was disappointing.

So I'm giving it another shot.

I arrived in NYC yesterday. I spent a couple of hours in Manhattan yesterday evening, but today is the day I immerse myself in the bustle and sounds. I'm heading to the Chelsea Market and the surrounding neighbourhood, and then to meet my good friend Rick Guidotti (I cannot wait!). Tomorrow I think I will explore my local neighbourhood of Brooklyn then see a show on Broadway. I love the amount of options awaiting me!

It's very cold here this time - snow has been a novelty for me. I'm much more comfortable rugging up than trying to keep cool in the heat and humidity of NYC in July-Augusr.

This time traveling I'm far more wary. I prefer to be home safely than exploring the cities at night. I've got a lot of writing done this way! I've always been wary of my surroundings and wanted to keep safe, but this time around I'm conscious that there's someone else on my life now, worrying about my safety from the other side of the world. I neglect to tell him just how unsafe some neighbourhood I've been in, because I know he will worry.

I can't wait to see what NYC has to offer me this time. I know that my perspective will change.

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  1. As your friend - and a fan - I don't worry about your safety much because I know you have an amazing ability to connect with strangers. So if you're ever in distress while in New York City, I know you'll have people rushing to your aid within seconds. I've enjoyed following your trip across America and am in awe of how much you have done, seen, and written about.

  2. I loved NYC - snow in Central Park is a magic thing!!

  3. Hope you continue to have an amazing adventure. I love that I have re found your blog through sundaytraveler! Looking forward to seeing some snow pics! Bron

  4. Thanks for linking up with #SundayTraveler!!! NYC is much safer that you think, embrace it! And be sure to stop off at Century 21 and get a bargain while you're there!

  5. I really want to visit NYC again and think that I may have built it up so big in my mind that my expectations may be too high. I'm glad you're giving NYC another chance and hope that your second time is better. I've recently returned from a trip to Manila in the Philippines, and I had similar safety concerns. I almost couldn't stand walking around by myself because I was in such a state of hyper awareness about my surroundings and who might be about to harm me. I'm glad to get back home where I can be more relaxed.

  6. I love, love NYC - hope your opinion changes this time! Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!


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