10 February 2014

A blog is a secret shared.

Blog readers tell me their secrets.

Some of their secrets are public, posted on my blog commnts thread or on my Facebook page. Others are in a private message - they tell me they've got a lump in their throat just typing these words. Their words spill from their fingers like horses being let out for their daily run.

A friend who reads my blog told me a secret a few weeks ago, in response to my #abledpeoplesay post - she said what she was holding onto for many years was so difficult to write. What she told me brought tears to my eyes, and was difficult for me to read too. But she had the confidence to tell me something that's been so hard to live with.

Because of my words, my readers sometimes tell me this is the first time they've admitted to having their condition or feeling a certain way or holding a memory. They thank me. I suppose they feel they know me, or breathe a sigh of relief when they finally find someone like them.

It's a privilege to know their secrets. There's this sense of trust, that I will hold their secrets close to my heart because I've told mine gently too. And I will.

I'm convinced words breed words, stories create more stories - creating a community supported by anecdotes and empathy. I see an exponential effect through telling my stories - and now there's a series of babushka dolls filled with stories similar to mine. Blogging really does help readers write.

Some people tell me they're not good writers, but when they do write some of their story out for me, I see they're wonderful storytellers. When they write from the heart.

I've heard bloggers say statistics mean the most to them, numbers growing is the reason they blog. But for me, the reason I blog is because people tell me I've made a difference to them.

To all those readers who tell me their secrets - thank you. I love the conversation that continues from posts I write.



  1. You are making a difference in so many people's lives, Carly.

    SSG xxx

  2. AMEN!

    This is exactly why I blog.

  3. So lovely Carly. It is a testament to the person you are that people are sharing such things with you. xo

  4. Blogging for me, at least, feels far more courageous than stepping out in person and actually talking to another person. It's such a sacred space for me, and it's a space I can hold with grace while also not giving a single fuck :) It is where I can freely create without being judged or questioned. Hooray for blogs, and hooray for you!

  5. You look so beautiful in love! He is one lucky boy! Hugs!


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