30 January 2014

A little update.

I feel guilty for not blogging. Truth is, life gets in the way. I've got a few ideas in draft form, but I need to dedicate proper time to write.

It's been an eventful couple of weeks!

My boy bought me a ring, telling me he wants to be with me forever. Every day I thank the stars for bringing us together. We are going well.

I've been settling into my new (dream) job which I am loving. I think the sign of fitting in well is when colleagues are comfortable enough to poke fun at you. And they sure did when I told them about this happening...

Cannot even deal!

I spoke at Quippings - a disability performance event on Saturday night - reading my previous two blog posts aloud. I love these events - they're inclusive (duh), encouraging, a little bit naughty (they're held at a sex bookshop) and I've made some wonderful friends. The performances are always amazing - some comedy, poetry, singing, and straight out reading - every one of the performances are moving.

(Pictures via Hares and Hyenas)

Australia Day was spent at my boy's parents' for lunch, then we saw The Book Thief (how wonderful is that film?!) followed by an impromptu barbie with my neighbours, drinking and singing along to the Hottest 100. Here's the dog. 'Straya.

Monday was spent planning my trip. It's less than two months 'til departure and I needed to get my shit together. I've got most of my accommodation done now - just need to book New York, Paris, Brussels and London. Staying at a mixture of hostels, hotels, AirBNB and friends/relatives. Bring it. Just got to navigate the special needs departments of three airlines now. It's proving to be difficult and I wish I had a more common medical condition.

I also had a shoot and interview for a TV show - more on that when I know when it will be aired. My friends are so lovely - answering my call for extras in a social scene. Here we are, taking selfes for the camera.

It's Breanna, Cheryl, Louis, Cam and my boy. I worked out that aside from Louis, I'd met them all online.

After the interview, I received a phone call from England, telling me my application for The Guardian's diversity writer's workshop was successful. I am so honoured to be chosen, and I cannot wait for the workshop mid-February. What an opportunity. Yay!

When I return from my trip I will be doing a range of speaking engagements including hosting a couple of Write-ability writing and advocacy workshops for Writers Victoria and Arts Access Victoria. It's free and if you are interested in writing and advocacy and residen in or can make it to Melbourne, I'd love you to attend! Please come - but before that, send me some points you'd like me to cover.

More information about the Write-ability workshop here.

That's it. I'm busy til about 26 March. I desperately want to fit some quality writing in. I will.

What you been up to? Any news? Tell me!



  1. Hi,
    That's great re the ring. Now I'm a romantic at heart so was it an engagement ring or just a type of commitment ring?

  2. Damn, girl! You're punching this year in the face! In a really good way... :) Proud of you, happy for you, inspired by you. LOVE xo

  3. *sigh*
    I just love it when terrific things happen to great people...

  4. Darling Hearts! You are going off!!! Fantastic work. I'm getting on board your blog, because you bring so much joy into this world! Where will you stay in Paris?? Beyond excited. Xx

  5. I hear you but glad to hear it's good things that have been keeping you away from writing- how lovely is Adam?! Much fun seeing you earlier this week and meeting Breanna and Cam - thanks for getting me involved! xx

  6. It's so wonderful to read about happiness!

  7. What a lovely update. I too am getting ready for bigger things to happen when I take that chance.

  8. You have been a busy lady!
    My little one has started school so I feel like that is all we have been about lately...more than likely because it is!


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