26 September 2013

Fundraising update: Wrap Tina With Love.

Overnight the fundraising effort for Tina topped $1000! Our target was $300.

This generosity and kindness has blown me away. So many people have made donations that will go a long way, and so many people have shared Tina's story and link to her donation page.

Thank you for raising funds and awareness. These funds will make an incredible difference to Tina, and I know she will feel loved by the wonderful words and gestures of support.

In the next few days I will write to Tina to ask her exactly what she needs from this money, to ensure she is comfortable.

The treatment (both medically and socially) I have relieved in Australia for my Ichthyosis has been exemplary, and I only wish it was the same around the world. Tina has had a difficult life suffering from Ichthyosis in India, and this fundraiser is the least I can do to make her life a little easier. DeDe has articulated the need to help others less fortunate than ourselves so well - read her blog here.

You can donate to Tina at My Cause.

Thank you all.



  1. Dear Carly, I do not have words to thank you enough. Dear All..., Gratitude to all from my heart.


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