24 July 2013

Introducing Lee from Supercharged Food: a BUPA Health Influencer award winner.

The winners of the BUPA Health Influencer blog awards are fantastic people, and I am proud to be in their company. I want to introduce you to them each week, and I encourage you to read their blogs. They've all made a positive difference in their communities and also in their own lives.

My first featured blogger is Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food. She was the overall competition winner as well as winning the Healthy Eating category. I adore her blog header - beautiful graphic design - and I really want to make this blueberries and brown rice recipe. Meet Lee!

"Supercharged Food is a book and website which helps people make nutritious food choices; if you take a visit you'll find healthy recipes, a shopping list, meal planner, cooking tips and wellness information. I hope you come and take a look and try out some of the recipes!"

People visit Supercharged Food to discover new recipes which are nutritious and healing. They also can look through tips on how to get started and improve health from a cellular level. People can come and read in depth information about aspects of cooking and preparing healthy food such as juicing, dehydrating, what appliances and tools to use. There's a review section about many of the latest wellness products and a lot of people like to enter the monthly competitions to be in the running to win healthy prizes and nurturing gifts.

I see blogging as a creative outlet and to be able to inspire others is such a fantastic gift. It's fun to create new recipes and share them with others. I learn a lot from other bloggers too, and it's a wonderful network of people to be involved with, especially in the health and wellness arena. I've met so many inspiring people. Especially you Carly!

Bloggers aren't always immediately recognized for the work that they do so it's great to be able to be involved with BUPA who have created the awards to highlight and recognize the current influencers in the health space. Personally I was shocked to have won because there were so many blogs of a very high caliber not only my category but across all categories so it was very exciting to be selected as the overall winner and the winner of the healthy eating category.

My plans for my blog have always been to keep it real. I have an anti-strategy when it comes to my blog, because I work in marketing and social media and plan strategies all day long for other people I wanted my personal blog to be different. You won't find any behind the scenes publishing calendars or strategy documents :) I write when I feel like it and when I have content that I think will help either educate, inform or inspire others. I have a new recipe book for kids coming out next month and also another book called Eat Yourself Beautiful coming out at the end of the year through Murdoch books. It's all about anti-inflammatory foods and how to eat for certain auto-immune, digestive and inflammatory conditions. I'm also expanding my cooking classes and health coaching business.

My tips for new bloggers are: Be prepared for criticism. Write what you believe in. Network with other bloggers and mostly enjoy what you do."

You can follow Lee's work:

share: www.superchargedfood.com
like: www.facebook.com/superchargedfood
follow: www.twitter.com/LeeSupercharged
blog: supercharged1.wordpress.com
link: www.linkedin.com/in/leesupercharged
watch: www.youtube.com/leeholmes67


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