23 May 2013

Ichthyosis Awareness Month: Jessica's story ~ "My skin condition is "normal" to me and everyone in my life."

Jessica sent me an email in 2011 saying that she found my blog and that I was the first person with Ichthyosis (Netherton's Syndrome) the same age as her. We've stayed in touch and discuss the similarities we face due to our Ichthyosis. She loves horses and lives in Winnipeg, Canada. Here's her story.

(Jessica (right) with her friend Candace)

"I am 31 years old and have obviously had Netherton's Syndrome my whole life (a form of ichthyosis). My younger years were the toughest due to being in and out of the hospital for infections and other complications. As I grew up I learned to take care of my skin and this is no longer an issue. My biggest is struggle is the allergies that come with it, I am allergic to over 100 foods and this is what has the greatest impact on my life, limiting where I can travel and what I can do. Would you believe I've never eaten in a restaurant?

Due to my life long exposure to the medical field I am currently enrolled in nursing school and have one year until I graduate! I also volunteer with many animal rescue organizations.


I don't let my skin condition get me down and the negatives are few and far between minus the allergies, I think this is mainly due to all the support from friends and family. I was raised as though I was no different from anyone else (no special treatment) and think this has helped with my confidence. I've been in a long term relationship for 5 years and have many of the same friends I've had since childhood, so I think that my life is on par with most others. My skin condition is "normal" to me and everyone in my life so I rarely even think about it, it's all about frame of mind. So all tolled my experience has been trying at times but overall just makes me a stronger person."


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