05 April 2013

Triple J's Hack, my blog in the classroom and Ichthyosis resource page

It's a bit of a mixed bag today. While its a short working week, I am quite tired. lots on my mind and many things to do. I've been to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to see Hannah Gadsby and will see a few more shows tonight. I've also been writing a speech for the AYAD conference next week.

The other night I spoke on Triple J's Hack program. I think Hack is one of the best current affairs programs going and it was lovely to be invited by journo Alex Mann. The discussion was around disability and employment - many of the guests spike about the discriminatory treatment they've received from employers when disclosing their disability. Really terrible situations. As I tweeted, it's not right that we need to weigh up whether it's worth disclosing our disability in employment - a suppression of identity. You Listen to the podcast here. I am speaking towards the end, but I recommend listening to the whole podcast!


A friend of mine is a teacher and she's been using some of my blog posts in her year 9 class - educating the students about diversity and bullying. She sent me this message today. Made my week. It's really good to know that I'm making a difference.

If you want to use any of my posts in your classes, let me know.


I am asked a lot of questions by patients and parents of children with Ichthyosis and visible differences. There are a few great resources about Ichthyosis and visible difference, and of course, I've written a lot here about my medical and social experiences. I wanted to collate them so I have a page at the ready to send people.

Last night I created a new page - an Ichthyosis and appearance diversity resource page, containing links to information about my own treatment, plus Ichthyosis support groups and blogs, heath communities, appearance diversity information, tips for talking to people with disabilities and visible differences, disability media, and links to mental illness support services. Of course, as with everything I write about Ichthyosis, please seek your doctor or psychologists' advice before trying anything new.

You can view my resource page here.


Voting for the Australian Writer's Centre Best Blogs Competition is open for 2013. There are so many entries - I am very excited to read some new blogs on this list. Please consider swinging a vote my way - my blog is listed as Tune into Radio Carly - and vote for some other fantastic blogs while you're at it. Thank you!



  1. Sounds great Carly! I am a teacher too so will definitely request some material from you. xx


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