09 February 2013

Romance advice from Town Hall Kebab

Today between filming sessions, cameraman Darren and I stopped in at a kebab van - Town Hall Kebab - in Brunswick to get a drink. We asked him whether we could do some filming in the shade - I sat in front of the camera and talked about myself - and the owner agreed. We watched as cars were washed (Town Hall Kebab doubles as a car wash), paramedics pulling in for lunch, and the bustle of Sydney Road. I never expected to receive romance advice. 

The chief kebab man sat down to watch us film, and talk to us. After two and a half hours of filming, Darren and I had run out of questions for me to answer, so we asked kebab man to ask me some. He talked love, asking me if I am single. 

He told me that the best place for me to meet a boyfriend is in the queue to his kebab van at night, that true love will be shown when said boyfriend is willing to eat a kebab with garlic and chilli, and advised me against getting a kebab with cheese so I can stay slim and nice. Wise kebab man. We also got free kebabs. I left single, but maybe on my next visit, I will meet a man who loves kebabs as much as me. With garlic and chilli and cheese.

He was really nice, very funny, and I am glad we stopped in and met him. I love talking to strangers - it really is amazing stopping to talk to someone you've never met. 

No photos of the kebab van or man, but here's a photo of me being filmed on the swing earlier in the day. I reheated the kebab for dinner and it was delicious. Thanks Town Hall Kebab!

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