16 June 2012

Appearing elsewhere and getting my life back

I have appeared elsewhere in this past week.

First up - i participated in Bianca from BigWords' "It takes a village" series. Bianca is so lovely and I treasure the friendship we have built since meeting at AusBlogCon last year.

My guest post is a letter to her little girls - it is a writing style I have not practiced much on my blog, despite being an avid penpal when I was a teenager.

Here isnsome of my letter:

"When you see someone in a wheelchair or whose face may look a bit different (like me), don't be frightened of them. Go up to them and say hello. It's ok to be curious, as long as you're not rude. Ask them about their life. Tell them about your life. You may just make a new friend! People from diverse backgrounds will enrich your life so much – they'll help you to learn and grow and see new perspectives."

You can read the whole post here.

Thanks for having me Bianca x

Secondly, a surprise post came up at Mamamia - something that I had written a year and a half ago and happened to email to Mia when discussing one of her posts. It is about the time when those kids took photos of me on the train and a stranger stood up for me.

The comments are so so lovely and I will certainly be visiting this post when I need a pick me
up! People have shared their own experiences and I am both relieved and saddened others can relate to being publicly humiliated by strangers.

Read me on Mamamia here.

Also, I have my life back now my thesis is done! This weekend I am packing in so much stuff - packing, writing, a meeting to discuss writing, a party, a public lecture and lunch. Hence writing this 7.00am. I am pretty sore too so will need to rest up.

I got my iPad and love it! I have used it to do important stuff - organise documents for my trip, download writing apps and ebooks, and write my speech, and also to make pottery. Yep. Addicted. I wish I was making actual money from it because in half an hour I had made $399 fake dollars from my fake pottery! The app is Pottery HD if you want to get sucked in like me!

Happy weekend everyone!

Ps- thank you for all your lovely comments and tweets about my posts earlier this week - much appreciated x


  1. Hi Carly :)
    Just stopped by to wish you a great weekend.

    Bye from Oslo

  2. Hi Carly, I think the advice you gave in that letter was wonderful. Having two curious little girls myself, I often find myself having to explain why someone looks or behaves a certain way. I always tell them that they are just like them & that just because they may look a little different to them in the end, we are all just the same.

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Nice one Carly, or should I say two!

    It is so disappointing that ppl can be so cruel, and rude. If my kids ever treated anyone the way those teenagers treated you I'd slap them. Hard.

    Lovely letter to Bianca's girls. Every kid needs to hear it.

  4. Congrats on getting your life back. You have been well-read this week that's for sure! Knowing you have your iPad now, let me tell you that out of the 9 bloggers who spoke at MyBlogMyStory iwas the only one who read her speech from the iPad...not one made of paper pad! Denyse

  5. dwell done on the thesis, Carly!

    I've been enjoying seeing you pop up here and there. The bloggy world is your oyster (whatever that expression means? Regardless, you're a pearl!!) x

  6. Well done Carly! Off to read your letter. Read your post on Mamamia earlier this week and I too, loved the responses. It gives me hope.


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