20 April 2012

The business end: Call for votes and business cards. Being my own brand.

As I mentioned here, I was nominated in the 2012 Sydney Writer's Centre Best Australian Blogs Competition. I am very flattered to be thought of as worthy to be nominated. The voting for the peoples' choice award has commenced, and I'd love for you to vote for me. (Go a couple of pages into the survey and tick Tune into Radio Carly.) While you are there you can vote for many other fantastic blogs - I consider so many of these bloggers to be my friend. There are some talented writers in Australia, and it's really nice to be in their company. I love that this competition acknowledges good writing, because for me, that is what blogging is about. I'll be casting my vote soon - I am so glad all my favourites are listed. Voting closes at 5.00 pm AEST, 9 May. If you choose to vote for me, thank you so much.

A favourite singer of mine, Bob Evans, supported my call for votes by retweeting me! How lovely of him!

Another thing - I designed some new business cards, and they arrived in the mail last week.
They were designed for the purpose of my overseas trip. I am SO happy with them.

Someone asked me why I included my photo on the card - when I put out a call for assistance in design, some people advised me against putting a photo on the cards.Perhaps they don't read my blog or aren't aware of my advocacy work. This was my reason:

I used a picture because I will be doing some appearance activism work overseas and also the success of my writing has been because I am honest about the challenges of looking different. I need people to remember me. It's hard to explain but for so long I was noticed - or not noticed because of the way I kook. I have been excluded, stared at, teased etc. Now I have found my confidence and am using my appearance for good things. I am using my appearance for the better. It's my brand, if you like.

I can't wait to start meeting people to hand them out. Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions for the design. :) 

Speaking of brands and being myself - I approached a few about sponsorship for BlogHer, after encouragement and advice from other bloggers. I became despondent after no success. Bit this week, something amazing happened! I am not sure if I can officially announce it here yet, so for now I will say that an organisation that knows me, that believes in me and that has helped me for so many years, is assisting me with funding my trip to speak at the Appearance Matters conference at the University of Western England. I am so incredibly excited and grateful for their generosity. It's better than any corporate sponsorship. And confirms that I am indeed my own brand.


  1. I think being your own brand is something to be super proud of Carly.Doesnt that just speak a thousand words about you and your blog.Also your business cards are wonderful and I am so glad you are standing tall and proud on them as you very well deserve to be.
    I am so proud and happy for you and all you have achieved.xx

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I
    thought I would leave my first comment.
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  3. Carly, you look so lovely in that pic on your business card. That top/dress is perfect on you.
    Love your blog too- have an amazing time in the US ;)


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