10 February 2012

What I've cooked and eaten this week

I've got a few things to do tonight - so while I wind down from day-job mode and switch to writer mode, I wanted to do a bit of blogging. And what better way to wind down than to reflect on the food I've cooked and eaten this week. 

Prawn and scallop tacos. Really easy to cook. Prawns, scallops, spinach, red cabbage, tomato, coriander, mango on a wholemeal tortilla, with lime, mayo and chilli.

A gold flecked macaron. I felt like royalty. This was from a cafe in Melbourne Central.
This was my $10 lunch at the market - salmon roll, two spinach and ricotta boreks and a fig stuffed with marscapone.  Plus some change given to the awesome busker.
My good friend Kristy was down from Sydney and I invited her to dinner at my place. She brought the wine...
We snacked on dips from the Vic Market - spinach, salmon and eggplant, plus some proscuitto rolls.

 And I cooked pea and feta puree, paprika corn, a salad of greens, tomato, mango and chilli, and baked trout.
Dessert was Maggie Beer burnt fig and caramel icecream with blueberries.
Happy Friday everyone, hope you eat good food this weekend :) I am hosting a dinner party tomorrow night so I'll be sure to blog about that.


  1. My brother just moved to Melbourne. You do know if i ever get around to visiting him, Im coming over for dinner ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, everything looks delicious!

    And how cute are your wine glasses with the little hearts?! Love them! x

  3. Yum-o! I had a dawning realisation on the weekend that I had not cooked a proper meal for 2 weeks. That has now been rectified but isn't it amazing how good a proper meal makes you feel?


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