21 January 2012

Eat your greens

When does a side dish of greens become less about fibre and folate and more about pleasure? When it is turned into a delicious buttery puree of course.

Step 1: cook half a bag of frozen peas (or 500g of fresh shelled peas) on gentle heat with two garlic cloves, some stock paste (or a small amount of chicken stock) and butter - maybe 50 grams. Don't overcook - you want the greens to stay vibrant, in both colour and taste.

Step 2: puree the greens gently with a stick blender, still maintaining some texture. Stir though another 50 grams of butter, some shavings of parmesan and pepper. Top with crumbled feta, and it's done.
This so full of flavour - creamy and luscious, and delicious paired with lamb and grilled capsicum.


  1. I agree. Yum. I also love how different countries have different names for the same foods - I'm assuming what you call "capsicum" has the much less interesting name of "red pepper" over here in Canada.

  2. I love peas! Usually I just steam them and serve with a dab of butter melted on, but this looks so yummy I'm going to try it. Garlic peas'n'parmesan.....yummy.

  3. Mmmmm, I wonder if I could get S to eat peas if I made them that way? Maybe I will do it sneakily so he doesn't see them first and trick him into their deliciousness.


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