20 December 2011

The great blogging divide part 2: influence

I've seen a lot of hatred on the internet in the past day. A lot. Racism. Personal attacks. Cowardice. Death wishes. Nasty stuff.

It has stemmed from something I am very disappointed in. I don't agree with a decision, and I don't agree with the vitriol that has come from it. From both sides.

Us bloggers have a power. Power to change the world, power to help people, power to make the world a better place. It is sad to see this power misused, and sad to see people thrive on the hatred. Above all, it's sad that people hide behind the screen. Would you really say those things face to face, in person? Would you?

For me blogging is not about generating hits. (Though I was very excited when someone from MGM studios Googled me overnight). It's about powerful writing.And making a positive difference.

I've thought about what being influential means. Being influential doesn't necessary mean good. It may mean popular. But those who influence me are good. Great even. Not necessarily popular or well known. And the bloggers who have influenced me have changed my life. They're real, they're true to themselves and they are good.

Being influential is about having an opinion, and sharing it. Venting, getting angry even. Being silly at times. Having a laugh at your own expense. But never hurting someone else.

Being influential is about having your friend's back to protect them. But also knowing when to play nice.

Being influential is about having a go, despite your fears. And when you help someone else to have a go, you've really done something.

It's not about followers or ratings or beauty or hits. It's about changing the way someone thinks about something, or encouraging them to make a difference. Being influential is not a popularity contest.

It's a privilege to be influential. People look up to you. You have reach. Be influential for good not evil.

Part one of The great blogging divide is here


  1. Just sitting back on the sidelines and watching this train wreck unfold has been brutal. As I tweeted today, hell hath no fury like a Mummy Blogger scorned. What eventuated from it was down right scary though.

  2. Well said Carly. I have been a bystander in the last 24 hours, trying to assess both sides of the situation before making any public judgement (if indeed I do at all).

    I too am disappointed in behaviour that is less than professional come from both camps, and applaud the logical and reasoned approaches by those who have obviously let their heads rule before laying hands on the keyboard.

    I do not condone the content of the blog belonging to she who shan't be mentioned. I do not condone personal attacks, especially when individuals are the target for being associated with a brand (whether that be as an employee or otherwise).
    It concerns me when a brand trips up in a moment of truth, but at the same time I believe most are due the benefit of doubt and to have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Do it again though and the bridges are burned.

    All I hope is that people have thought through their decisions and are comfortable with their behaviour and their stance when airing those decisions in public. You can't really ask for more than that can you?

  3. in total agreement with Crash Test Mummy.

  4. Woke us this morning and saw some of what went on overnight and apparently is continuing today. Wow. I don't even know what to say. I think the level of vitriol was quite shocking and having just seen some of the tweeting going on it is really very disturbing. It really has shown the worst side of humanity. You know it exists but to see it right there, sheesh.

  5. I must live under a rock. This has completely passed me by, and I'm truly mystified. (I haven't been on Twitter much in past 72 hrs tho and possibly this is a good thing, if this is what I've missed).

    Without knowing in the slightest what is going on, in broad terms, I applaud your sentiments - influence is (or should be) about effecting positive change, or at least not hurting people.

  6. Carly I have always thought you were a classy lady. And you've just confirmed it. Thank you for such a lovely wise post.

    Take care.

  7. I completely agree with you Carly. Absolutely nothing has been gained from the blog post that started this whole, sorry, too and fro of hatred.

    I like that you have a clear focus. Keep trying to make a difference, Carly.

    Take care xxx

  8. Makes me just so happy that I don't bother with PR and Brands and I just do my own thing. Seriously.

    Blogging now has a dirty little secret.

    Michelle @ Farmers Wifey

  9. I too have sat on the sidelines. There has been so much emotional energy invested in this, and for what purpose in the end? Thank you for writing this post Carly. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year. xx

  10. I for one am glad I use my blogging power for Good Not Evil-nice nails, staying in touch with family, baking, decluttering, sourcing high end discounted clobber....the whole thing has been an eye opener. Love your work hope MGM comes calling x

  11. Absolutely! In many ways, influence is much like money: some people earn it through hard work and some people just have it... but it's what they do with it that counts.


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