28 April 2010

My ABC radio interview

This morning I was interviewed by Gaye Pattison on ABC Goulburn Murray radio.

I spoke about my blog and the support that was generated after I wrote about the verbal abuse I received at the store in Northcote.

You can listen to my interview on the ABC local website.

Here's me featured on the site.

Thanks for your support and for listening!


  1. Hi Carly, you sounded great on the radio - very well spoken, engaging and eloquent. Well done! xoxox

  2. Hi Carly,

    What a great Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman moment! Success is the best revenge!


  3. Well done Carly! Your interview was clear, concise and straight to the point. I would have been an absolute mess.

  4. Hi Carly, thanks for posting the link, you really came across very well all 10,000 miles plus away here in the UK!

    I think you are right, whether or not this particular lady will ever address her own disgraceful behaviour, the key point is that other people who might at least be thinking / assuming along similar negative lines will question their behaviour and think twice

    It's really great to see another example of the social networking community working in a positive way to spread the word - good on ya!

  5. Awesome, Carly!! Great job getting across the point that all retailers need to be aware that people who look different still deserve to be treated like anyone else, with respect! x

  6. Hi Carly
    Good work!

    I thought you were very calm and balanced in your interview.

    SSG xx

  7. Hi:)
    Carly good work...
    And i loved the interview...
    I loved the honesty...and that shop keeper should be shooooot....just kidding...in a small way:)

    Have a great day Carly - from Norway...you are an awesome girl.

  8. Great interview, your comments were very thoughtful and honest. Also, it's so nice to finally put a voice to the photos and words!


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