15 July 2016

Thank you for 'buying me drinks'.

A month and a half ago, I set up a donate button through Paypal so readers can 'buy me a drink' if you have enjoyed my writing and/or if it's helped you in some way.

When I posted about it on the blog and social media, I didn't know how it would be received. Would people take it seriously?! Well, it's been received so positively! And people have bought me drinks! Thank you! I'm genuinely so appreciative that this little spot on the Internet does make a difference to many.

Last night I paid someone to do something for this blog - it's time it grew up and got a makeover. So your money has gone to that. I've got some ideas for a new theme. And soon I will set up a Patreon Account - I am sorry I haven't done so already. There's lots to do but the weeks fly by and the the weekends aren't long enough - so stay tuned for a different look and way to support me.

I haven't been in such a great place recently. It's nothing to be alarmed about - I'm just reevaluating what makes me happy. The stark contrast between the different types of work I do has taken its toll. I've found myself in tears on occasion, and this week I had to be alone for an hour - albeit in a fancy restaurant. My health is definitely suffering.

Music's been helping of course. This song particularly resonates - my "reason I get out of bed" is my writing, speaking, helping people.

So it's time to get planning the ways I can make my talents and passions really work for me. There's a long list of things I'm about to write about, I'm doing work for a social media client, and I got plans to collaborate with awesome people.

Thank you for believing in me. Cheers.

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  1. I work in the same office as Carly though or individual jobs aren't really connected. I look forward to seeing her every day because she is such a ray of sunshine. Always caring and always kind to everyone. Thanks buddy. xx

  2. Good luck with your blog makeover! I would love to update mine but it is just finding the time!

  3. So many folks with disabilities are isolated and along with many people do not have access to internet. I wish everyone would know about disability rights and about not being ableist. I enjoy reading your work. You could look around and test out a few options.. what works for you... what works for what you want to do...

  4. Exciting Carly, congrats on all your plans and "buy me a drink" campaign!

  5. This is wonderfully awesome to hear the support you're receiving. I'm sad to hear that you've been struggling of late but glad that there is light and direction among it all. Big love. x


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