16 April 2016

The time I chatted on The Aussie Bloggers Podcast and with Clare Bowditch.

The first week of my holiday was really busy! Wedding prep took priority of course, but I had a couple of media commitments too.

The first was a chat with Amanda and Tan from the Aussie Bloggers Podcast. We chatted by Skype and while there were a lot of laughs, I covered some deep stuff. Something I've not gone into depth on this blog was an awful experience I had last year after I wrote an article and published a blog post about parents oversharing about their child's disability online. The piece was polarising, which I expected, but I didn't expect the nasty bullying I received from a few bloggers I know personally. I wrote about broad issues and these we're personal, immature and threatening attacks.

I chatted to Amanda and Tan about it on the podcast - mentioning the silent bullying, how it shattered my confidence and how scared I was to go to the Problogger conference shortly after that piece came out. Blogging isn't always roses. Fortunately, the friends and strangers who supported me far outweighed the bullying. I received a lovely message about that article from a stranger last week actually, which makes it all worth it.

Amanda and Tan have created a lovely page dedicated to my pocast.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes here.

Amanda and Tan have interviewed lots off other bloggers - do subscribe!

The second, a couple of days later, was a radio interview with Clare Bowditch on ABC Radio. I've been a fan of Clare's music for years, and after hearing her talk about her Big Hearted Business project and her advice on a creative career at Problogger 2013 (I wrote about that here), I saw what a warm, funny, passionate person she is. I was excited to be invited to chat with her on her new radio show (1.00 - 3.00 pm weekdays on ABC 774 Melbourne).

When I arrived, she called me Carls, gave me a hug and asked me what song I'd like her to play at the top of the hour (Bob Evans of course!). And then we had a lovely chat about appearance activism, inspiration porn and the wedding.

There were a few listeners who called and texted in, and Clare was genuinely interested in their stories. She really does make everyone feel welcome. What a treat to be interviewed by this lovely, talented, friendly woman!

You can listen to Clare and I here.

Carly Findlay and Clare Bowditch

Also, I can't recall if I posted this one, but I chatted on ABC Afternoons earlier in the year - here's that recording.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!


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