24 April 2016

Our wedding day: official photography by Fresh Photography


Our official wedding photographers have just sent us through all photos of our special day. There are so many to choose from, so here are just a few. Husband and wife team Souri and Andreas from Fresh Photography captured the emotions of the day perfectly. I love seeing everyone so happy – dancing and laughing. As I looked through them, I had tears.

Our wedding took place in Balaclava, so the photography locations were urban – think house fronts, trams and street art, and of course our wonderful venue. There was lots of interesting street art around Red Scooter, which added a pop of colour to the photos. The photography session between the ceremony and reception was a lot of fun for us (and we hope fun for our guests – they mingled and drank at the bar).


I first met Souri and Andreas from Fresh Photography at the Kidspot Voices of 2014 event – Souri blogs at Fabulous Femme and she was one of the winners of the beauty awards. She wrote about that here. It was really good to have seen Andreas in action at the awards night, and to have a reference point through their blogs. I remember looking at their portfolio online with Adam, inspired by the unique photo style, and saying to Adam "they're the ones we want to work with on our wedding day"

Isn't it brilliant how blogging brings people together?!


Souri was so calming, and Andreas was lively during the reception. They put us at ease from our first meeting and of course on the day, and I know we will stay friends.

Souri and Andreas donated the fee for our wedding to charities that are meaningful to them. So lovely. I cannot recommend Souri and Andreas enough.

See lots of Fresh Photography’s photos from our day on their blog.



  1. So lovely. Thanks for sharing with us. Your little jacket was completely adorable!

  2. You look fabulous.. what a joyous occasion. Congratulations!


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