06 July 2015

Six awesome podcasts hosted by women

I am totally addicted to podcasts. Maybe it's my need to be switched on and want to soak up views of so many others all the time? It's a really effective use of my time - a way to learn without reading. And since my last podcast post, I've found six more podcasts that I love and recommend - these are all hosted by women.


Stripped- hosted by Sarah Meehan-Sirk - is a summer series on CBC Radio in Canada. I’ve come to know about the show because Sarah asked me to be on it! The series explores the link between our bodies and the world. The show I featured in is about skin, and I spoke about skin hunger and Ichthyosis. Hear my episode here.

The Mystery Show is another Gimlet production (from the same people who make Reply All). It's hosted by Starlee, who I find so charming. As the title suggests, it's a show solving mysteries. But it's so much more than that - Starlee goes on the most wonderful tangents. I was hooked after hearing The Mystery Show preview on Reply All. It was about Britney Spears. So good.

Chat 10 Looks 3

This is hosted by two of the smartest and funniest women in Australian media, Leigh Sales and Annabelle Crabb. It's very basic - sometimes they're recorded in their car, others in the ABC's piano room. And it's very funny. I most love Leigh Sales' showtunes. The pair have fantastic charisma and listening to their conversations is a treat! They are so lovely! And funny. And I wish I could have a good ol’ chat with them too.

Save the Date Wedding Podcast

Save the Date Wedding Podcast is hosted by comedian Aleisha McCormick. This is such a fun wedding planning show that's given me lots of ideas. It's also really inclusive, promoting marriage equality. Pip Lincolne introduced me to this at the start of the year, and it’s become a valuable part of my wedding planning.


Assumptions on Radio National features Susan Carland (Waleed Aly's wife) breaking down assumptions about many things - living alone, female pilots and male midwives, to name a few. It's informative, funny and I want more.

The Nitty Gritty Committee with Meshel Laurie. 

I love Meshel's blog because it's much deeper than what we hear from her on commercial radio. So when I saw she has a podcast out, I was very excited. I've listened to a few episodes - Sam Johnson (actor) and Kerry Tucker (former prisoner) have been my favourite. I wish they were longer episodes. Great stuff. 

(For information about how to listen to podcasts and how to make them, visit my previous podcast post.)

Have you got any more podcast recommendations?


  1. Very timely. I love podcasts and have been wanting to listen to more content produced by women :)

    Clementine Ford is planning to start a podcast. I am looking forward to listening to that: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=800065&ty=h&u=800065

    Did you listen to Serial?

  2. Hi C do you still write for mamamia?

  3. I love the idea of podcasts but I haven't actually listened to any! This is a good reminder to go and check some out! Thanks Carly. :)


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