28 January 2015

Why Lucia wants to attend the Australian Ichthyosis Meet. "It will feel awesome to be in a room with no-one staring at me!"

I have been receiving gorgeous letters from people who are attending the Australian Ichthyosis Meet in May. For many patients and families, this is the first time they have met anyone else with the condition.

Here's a letter from Lucia, who you may remember from the 2013 Ichthyosis Awareness Month project. It both excites and saddens me that she will be in a room with no one else staring at her.

"Hi Carly
I am really excited to come to Melbourne in May to meet people with similar skin conditions. We can talk about the problems we have in common and get some new ideas for our daily care. I am starting to write a list. It will feel awesome to be in a room with no-one staring at me! I hope to make some new friends too.

Love Lucia"

I can't wait to meet Lucia (and admire at her amazing hair in person!), and all the other people who are coming to the meet. So many friendships will be made.


The spaces are all booked out now and we've upgraded our space to the zoo!

If you'd like to support the cost of the first ever Australian Ichthyosis Meet, you can donate via GoFundMe. You can also donate books, toys and goodies to giveaway to the attendees - send me an email with your details. All donors of money and goods will receive a public mention on the day, and also on my blog after the day.


Thank you so much, your support is truly appreciated.


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  1. Such a fantastic initiative Carly! I'm super proud of you! Great work. If there is anything that i can do to help just yell out.


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