09 January 2015

Blogging about disability - a chat on No Limits, Channel 31

Late last year I was invited back to produce and anchor an episode of No Limits on Channel 31. My dear friend Kath (director of the show) was interested in how blogging allows people with disabilities to have a voice, and she wanted me to discuss that.

So I invited some other dear friends - who I've met through blogging of course - to chat with me. HayleyMichelle and Leisa came to the studio and were complete SUPERSTARS! We could have chatted about this all day!

You can watch the show on Channel 31's catch up TV here. (I am hoping to get a copy to embed soon, and I apologise if this link expires unexpectedly - I don't know how long the episodes are online for.)

It's incredibly important that people with disabilities have a voice, and blogging is a great way to allow this. Community TV is a great way too. Did you see my post featuring links to 50+ bloggers who write about disability in December?

Please let me know if you have a disability and are interested in starting a blog, or would like to know how to promote your writing further. As mentioned earlier in the week, I am developing a blogging course to be released this year.

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  1. It was a great show, thank you Carly and everyone for contributing to disability media. Your blog was a huge inspiration for me to start my own blog Chronically Whimsical Tales www.chronicallywhimsicaltales.blogspot.com Although I am still learning and growing the blog I hope that it will one day be as successful as yours. I look forward to hearing about your blogging course. Thanks, Helena


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