19 November 2014

Me and my Mum: devouring dinosaur bones and going to the theatre

Over the weekend my Dad spent time scanning old photos and uploading them to facebook. He was probably bored without Mum (she was down in Melbourne with me) and they've also just got the NBN, so hello fast internet!
He uploaded this one - I'd never seen it before. I love my time with Mum in the kitchen. And look how pretty she is!

Meanwhile Mum and I spent time wedding planning (who would have ever thought?!), and we went to the theatre to see Once the Musical (again, again!). It was nice. She said "let's take a selfie!", and we did! I love this photo - we're so radiant. She commented that her eyes always look droopy (pfft - they're smile lines and she's gorgeous!) and I replied "you can always have a facelift". And we laughed and laughed.

Gosh I treasure this time with her.



  1. Such a great selfie. You both look radiant. Its wonderful that you and your mum have such a good and close relationship.

  2. That is a picture to treasure forever! :)

  3. You guys are so cute! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!


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