05 November 2014


Here's a little of my life lately. It's been super busy. I will resume to regular writing soon. I've developed this disclaimer page to tell you about the time it might take me to contact you if you've left a message. I honestly try to respond to everyone but a busy life means I can't do so immediately.

Reading : I've downloaded a few ebooks lately, because I feel like I should be reading more. I have read Dark Places and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn - scary stories but I loved them. I am currently reading Before I go to Sleep, but I am not loving it.

Listening to : Alecia Moore (Pink) and Dallas Green's new collaboration You + Me. Love the twang, the lyrics and the familiar sound of Pink.


Appearing : I was featured as Pro Bono's Changemaker last week. Also, I did a little interview with Alice from The Whole Daily who has developed an awesome FREE ebook about blogging. The Daily Dot also republished my Reddit story in Kernel Magazine, and another publication called Us vs Th3m picked up the story too.

Wearing : colour, skirts, more colour. I'm loving this season's fashion, and daring to reveal more outfits on Instagram. Here's me with Sandradee from St Frock a couple of weeks ago - I'm wearing a favourite new dress I won from Sequins and Sand.

Also, I picked up these shoes for $10! I love them (through they aren't very soft to wear).

And this was my outfit for the 100 Women of Influence Awards. I was so lucky to be dressed by Cue. Here's the backstory.

I will be doing a post on clothes and Ichthyosis soon - look out for it!
Cooking : I made a pumpkin pie yesterday, inspired by an online friend Tara. Here's the recipe.

And I made pesto with parsley, kale, mixed greens, lime juice, sunflower seeds and Parmesan. It was so good!

Watching : I spent yesterday afternoon (a public holiday in Melbourne) doing NOTHING! It was wonderful. I watched Chef. Adam bought me the DVD. Gosh it was a good film. Food, social media, family, music. I will take the DVD home to watch with my parents at Christmas.

Have you seen it?

Loving : my amazing Facebook community. I've been spending a lot of time over there in between blog posts, posting links to interesting articles, things I've cooked and just having a chat. And everyone is so nice, respectful and kind - no matter how contentious the post is. I'd love it if you could join me.

How about you? What you been doing?


  1. You've been so busy!

    Love all the cooking you've been doing. Keeping healthy in spite of all those other commitments.

    SSG xxx

  2. Oh, yum! I printed off your pumpkin pie recipe to try when my girls come home over Christmas. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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